2 Investigators Expose Auto Repair Scams


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A car damaged during a terrible storm is now at the center of multiple state and local criminal investigations. CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini exposed the car repair nightmare, and part of an alleged ring of unlicensed auto repair shops in the Chicago area.

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10 Thoughts to “2 Investigators Expose Auto Repair Scams”

  1. Austin H

    I could fix that for 5000 at the most

  2. Dale Campbell

    that check was DEFINITELY FORGED… look at the signatures… they DON’T MATCH ..

  3. Munkhbat MB

    She could have buy a brand new car

  4. anorexic princess

    but the Cadillac is gangsta

  5. Enjoying Lyrics

    A single cursive S as a signature, really?

  6. james aighewi

    Why didn’t she buy another newer and better car for $15k?

  7. Harrison Sutton

    You could get a pretty good used car for 15K!

  8. Ranalla651

    She chose that shop so she could try and get a cheap repair and pocket the rest. That is her own fault. You want to go cheap you get what you pay for !

  9. MrJimmy3459

    Why the hell didn’t the insurance company just claim the Infiniti as a total loss and write her a check for a new vehicle instead of giving her 15k to repair it??? THE DAMN CAR ISN’T EVEN WORTH THAT MUCH, THE INSURANCE COMPANY LOST MONEY ON THAT DEAL!