Auto Mechanics On Strike At More Than 100 Chicago Area Service Shops


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If you’re hoping to get your car repaired today, you might want to make other plans. A strike by hundreds of mechanics could put the brakes on that. CBS 2’s Lauren Victory reports.

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8 Thoughts to “Auto Mechanics On Strike At More Than 100 Chicago Area Service Shops”

  1. Nathan Dean

    good itill give the indepentatn shops new. bussiness.

  2. Nathan Dean

    fire every last unoin scumbag. and go open shop as they should do. cuase theres alway some out there that willing and able to thier (union striking scum bags) job……

  3. Mike W

    Obviously your non union members or I’m sure your responses would be different. I am not a mechanic but can tell you before I became union I had to work 2 jobs and 60 plus hours a week straight time no overtime to just scrap by and had no health insurance or time to spend with my family. Unions do good things like 40 hour work week after its time and a half plus insurance and more time with family. Just because your not union your bitter

  4. janet diaz

    i support these workers. 701 put food on my family table for more than 30 yrs.

  5. JeepYJ91

    That is when the car dealer should simply bring in new techs. Problem solved.
    There should be no lapse in service of customers vehicles as the dealers could transport the vehicles to other shops outside of the union area.
    Also, how much money are the union workers losing while on strike? Does the strike gain them enough to more than make up for their lost wages while on strike?
    I do think there was a need for unions decades ago but do not see the need for them today.

  6. Melvin Johnson

    Ya just get tired of these lazy union workers holding their hand out. No more negotiations, they quit so don’t let them back.

  7. Donald Schmenk


  8. Melvin Johnson

    Some of the same mechanics that rip you off. Good riddance.

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