My Favorite Minnesota – Biking – Trails – Buy American!

My Favorite Minnesota – Biking – Trails Shop Local & Buy American This Season!
I’m Mary Breen, and I own Calhoun Cycle (www.calhouncycle.com) with my husband Luke. We’ve run the shop since 1991, and we’ve been selling, renting and repairing bikes for 18 years. One of the things I like best about working at Calhoun Cycle is being able to help people enjoy Minnesota’s great bike trails. Luke and I love to get out on the trails whenever we can, and we’ve figured out a way to bring our three daughters, Sophie, Margaret and Allison, along with us. I think we might look a bit like a circus on wheels, but it’s worth it! While we have fun on any of the trails as long as there’s a treat at the end, we have a few favorites. This is a list of my 12 favorite bike trails in Minnesota.

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    I loved those trails.