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My Favorite Minnesota – Camping – Campsites Shop Local & Buy American This Season!
Hi, my name is Paul Sundberg. I’ve been a park ranger for 35 years. I’m an avid outdoorsman and photographer. We started taking my daughter camping in the boundary waters canoe area and state parks when she was only six months old. Our favorite family memories have been made while camping in Minnesota. There is so much wildlife in Minnesota to see, moose, timberwolves, waking up in a tent to the call of a loon. Minnesota has so much public land that you can get out and enjoy spending quality time with friends and family, photographing nature, and just being out there soaking up the great outdoors.

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50 Thoughts to “My Favorite Minnesota – Camping – Campsites – Buy American!”

  1. Lakerloon

    Well done. As my wife and I contemplate a move back to the east coast, I will take many memories of my 19 years of Minnesota experiences with me. And I make one promise to myself – I will be back to relive them!

  2. Yikes

    I didn’t see Gooseberry Falls in there, that place is beautiful!

  3. tomtom5418

    went there for boy scouts…soooo fun!


    goin there for boy scouts in a week (7th of july)1st time up there

  5. gmcpheator

    Wow thats what life is all about!!

  6. 350cutlassrocket

    I have spent a week in the boundary waters canoeing over 70 miles starting from Superior Norht Outfitters to Lake Saganaga, Trafalgar Bay, Southeast Bay, and back. No phone reception, no internet, to t.v. It is nice to get away from it all every once and a while. I look forward to going back. Everyone who likes to do high adventure trips I highly recomend trying out the Boundary Waters.

  7. trampdunka23

    minnesota is my favorite state, but im from massachusetts!

  8. Zeezy

    I love Minnesota and I’m proud to be a Minnesotan.

  9. TaDingo912

    Why is Minnesota your favorite state? Its mine to mostly because i live in minnesota.

  10. TaDingo912

    OMG ive been conoing up in northern minnesota to and i went for like 12 miles and i was so tired!

  11. TaDingo912

    I love going up north to lake superior and see split rock. I love Minnesota so much. Minnesota is the most naturous state!

  12. 350cutlassrocket

    Yeah we trained off and on for a year before going up there. Most of the canoing was done in three days. We would canoe one day and kind of relax the next then we were off again. It was hard but definately worth the training.

  13. TaDingo912

    Sounds fun though

  14. memmnock

    Great video 🙂 reminds me of when i go out into the woods and lochs in scotland where i live 🙂

  15. trampdunka23

    i like it because its name is cool,my favorite basketball team plays there(timberwolves). well not my favorite, celtics are my favorite team….GO BOSTON!!!!!! but the timberwolves r my 2nd favorite team. i somehow really like this state, i dont know why though. i want to move here when i grow up.

  16. TaDingo912

    Theirs some advantages about living in minnesota and disadvantages. Why do you like the timberwolves they suck?

  17. trampdunka23

    who cares if they suck, I like the players that they have. And also because they gave us Kevin Garnett. haha lol, you guy dont have any super-stars. hahaha

  18. TaDingo912

    I dont like basketball. So i dont watch the timberwolves

  19. MACMatic7

    Nice Video – post it at ReturnToTheOutdoors. com and win an adventure trip!

  20. Dan92792

    I love Minnesota i lived there intell 3 years ago, my stupid mom moved to the DUMB STATE tenneessee:(
    But i get to go there in the summer with my Dad:)

  21. Dan92792


  22. Dan92792

    itasca is my favorite!!!

  23. MetalPrincess23

    i love minnesota, ive lived here all my life! yea! and the best part is that we still have snow on the ground, and its april!( being sarcastic) ok yea other then that i still love it here

  24. frznstar

    I love living in MN mainly for that reason. My hubby and I just took our 2 year old on his first camping trip and he loved it! We are going again at the end of the month and I can’t wait 🙂

  25. Allison Sexton

    I live in San Francisco and love the city, but my heart aches for Minnesota.

  26. Ruby DeBellis

    i love Minn!
    i grew up there,
    knw i live in the Philippines..
    i miss it SOOO much!
    its so beautiful

  27. Sulari Goonetilleke

    gosh! so beautiful! gotta visit MN regardless of the cold! 🙂

  28. erictheangrypenguin

    Thankyou to Rick Allen who showed me ’round the Boundary Waters in 1984. One of the most endearing memories of my life. A wonderful and beautiful area of the United States.

  29. Kelli Gutow

    yeah the summers here in Minnesota are probably worse than Texas because of the humidity.

    But it’s so pretty! I never want to move to another state.
    But yeah, winters can get freezing..below. haha. but the snow is gorgeous.
    I’ve been to most of the places in this video. Absolutely beautiful.

  30. Kelli Gutow

    Holy cow.

    My boyfriend did the same thing! But he’s back now!

  31. Kelli Gutow

    Baseball is better.

  32. Edelmiro Fernández Fernández

    Five starts.

  33. Ted Valentine

    contrary to what i’ve and others have lived through- i like camping

  34. Joseph Smith

    southern minnesota has its beauty too… just back in the woods.. the corns fields are ugly though… winter in minnesota is beautiful

  35. Joseph Smith

    the whole state is the world to me.. ive barely ever been far from it

  36. poulsen96

    Yea great, minnesota the most beatiuful place in the world even if i haven t even been there. Just seen pictures and movies but i would love in, i just know it

  37. funkyflights

    This video has just convinced me to come visit Minnesota …. !! I”m from the Pacific Northwest where there are lots of woods and beautiful camping places… BUT dam Minnesota has some nice looking places as well… nice video

  38. Lo8G8aN

    I love Minnesota !!

  39. MontanaPictures

    Spectacular photography – nice work!

  40. Maengun

    Well programed video … keep the photographer. The places and State Parks you mentioned are some of my favorites also! Trails End Campsite at the end of the Gunflint Trail is a favorite … to sit on the High Bluff of you site and listen to the loons and canoes coming and going is something special.

  41. Inuyasha6594

    @Cypher1A i really think you shoud move up here, its beautiful country up here and i find that people are really nice and kind (note: it depends on where you are. not everybodys nice, just the majority.)

  42. 死亡疤痕

    My gramps was an ojibwe indian, he always thought that Lake Itasca should be controled by the Ojibwe people. But the state does a good job taking care of it. At least the Minnesota Ojibwe reservations are bigger and better quality land than the rez’s over in wisconsin and michigan.

  43. Linda Casey

    I was Ojibwe (Chippawa) in one of my past lives .. still have a deep love for this part of the world (inner memories?). Minnesota is just gorgeous!

  44. Linda Casey

    Gawd …. a man after my own heart …

  45. YourAnjl

    My grandparents immigrated from Finland to Minnesota in the early 1900s.  I was born there.  I’ve been visiting the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness since 1968.  I’m told it is very much like Scandinavia in nature.  It brings peace to one’s soul.  We have a cabin beyond the end of the Gunflint Trail, complete with sauna.  If folks like camping, fishing, canoeing, and just becoming one with nature, it is the place to be.

  46. Corey Landon

    Minnesota also has some of the best fishing in the U.S. don’t ya know…