My Favorite Minnesota – Fishing – 10 Bait Shop Owners – Buy American!

My Favorite Minnesota – Fishing – 10 Bait Shop Owners Shop Local & Buy American This Season!
We’re a bunch of bait shop owners from around Minnesota. Everywhere from the Northern boundary lakes, Lake Superior, and the Central Lakes area to Southern Minnesota and the Mississippi River to the lakes and rivers around and in the metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. We’ve agreed to share our favorite places to fish in Minnesota because we think Minnesota is a fisherman’s paradise! We just don’t agree whether you should use worms, leeches, spoons, jig heads…

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11 Thoughts to “My Favorite Minnesota – Fishing – 10 Bait Shop Owners – Buy American!”

  1. Skogenhjem

    Great video, makes me homesick for MN!

  2. Adept Angling

    Lets go fishing!! lol… Great video buddy check out my channel and don’t forget to subscribe!!

  3. Sean Harvey

    Whitefish Chain Lakes 🙂

  4. Jacob Tschida

    hey even i enjoy a shiner every once and a while

  5. marleyt100

    marine general in duluth is where i go everytime. Russ and his crew are very helpful

  6. studioJAC67

    I go to Lundeens Bait shop all the time! 😀

  7. studioJAC67

    I pass the shop when Im heading up to my Cabin

  8. yodatazz2

    I have some unfinished buisness with a large pike on Gull Lake near Niswwa.

  9. JBCustomRods

    I love this video.

  10. Eric Watson

    “we do a lot of vertical jiggin up here, right next to da boat…just like so…its a good way to catch fish”

  11. Bosniandude

    Blue ribbon is the best