My Favorite Minnesota – Snowmobiling – Snow Sports – Buy American!

My Favorite Minnesota – Snowmobiling – Snow Sports Shop Local & Buy American This Season!
In Memory of C.J. Ramstad 1945-2007
Hey all, I’m C.J. Ramstad. I’ve written the official Snowmobile Trail Guide for the State of Minnesota for several years. I’ve been involved with the sport since 1969, and have traveled virtually every one of the 20,000 miles of trails in the state. I’ve published magazines in the snowmobiling industry since 1973, and have served as editor at every existing snowmobiling publication. I have also written four books about snowmobiling. My snowmobiling travels have taken me around the world, from South America to Russia, to Iceland and Scandinavia.

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23 Thoughts to “My Favorite Minnesota – Snowmobiling – Snow Sports – Buy American!”

  1. peena lotta

    Man i so agree. i may be 14 years old but here in BC things are great, i wouldnt recommend revelstoke becuase u gotta pay, unlike other mountains in BC near the crows nest pass, wow i love snowmobiling let the dream live on

  2. cidermart

    i was fortunate enough to spend a week riding motorbikes with cj in nevada in 2003 you will be greatly missed my friend.

  3. yakamahama1

    keyword:when there is snow in minnesota its ok to ride but last 6 to 7 years winters seem to be gettin worse and worse wait about half the winter for only 5-6 in. of snow. it sucks

  4. ri8002

    lol yeah berefooter is right, it’s snowing here in Mound right now, so looks like i’ll have to go out tomorrow ^_^

  5. Tor Sørensen

    norway rocks:P:P:P

  6. olneymaryland77

    what happened to CJ?

    and DAMN i cant wait to be doing that in 2 days. i love riding in pillsbury state park up on gull lake, its really hilly and curvy – some of the best riding ive ever done.

  7. Katelyn Lamarre

    I just went Snowmobiling its awesome!!!!

  8. Zeezy

    Minnesota ftw!
    Great video.

  9. dursker

    This footage was great…May God rest your soul and if you wonder where you will go when you pass…get in touch with me and I can explain

  10. Joe Rian

    i live like 3 miles from that resort they wher in

  11. Patchy321

    i live in minnesota, ive been in like the exact spots he has been…sweeeeeeeeeeeet

  12. Trey Dalziel

    I love snow mobiling

  13. Nate

    haha minnesota only looks like that way up north otherwise it is pretty much all cities or towns

  14. noptig

    @Zeezy minnesota is the best place on earth

  15. yodatazz2

    Minnesota all the way, wish we got more snow. Favorite place in MN to ride is Ely. I also wish they would take away the speed limits, I understand at night and cities but 50mph is too damn slow.

  16. yodatazz2

    @revbasher444 It could be, Kabetogama is a big ass lake, been there 2times, very beautiful.


    @MNSLEDMAN yea cant wait to get my sled!


    @MNSLEDMAN Yea i cant wait to get my sled!

  19. Joe-Joe Pearson

    Hey *snowmobilingsucks* guy im going to say this nicely go *** yourself and let us enjoy our sport just like you enjoy yours. Come try the twin ports some time good trails.

  20. Joe Arnold

    mn dosent have the best riding…thats why every one goes out west to the mountains.

  21. DJSpindoctor2010

    Up north is where its at. Boundary waters hell yeah!!