Fly Fishing Might Change Your Life

Fly-fishing in Oregon’s untouched rivers helped Navy veteran Chad Brown cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. Now, he’s dedicated his life to helping vets like himself and underserved youth experience the Pacific Northwest’s boundless nature.

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7 Thoughts to “Fly Fishing Might Change Your Life”

  1. Barbara Washington

    Mr Brown, thank you for your service and your sacrifices. I’m glad you found a reason to live. We need men like you, especially here in Oregon. When I was a kid growing up in Salem there were no black families until the mid 60s when the Herise Smith family moved to town. She worked with my mom @Allstate insurance. Her son Jack (a sweet young man of 17 that I kinda had a secret crush on at age 12) worked on my grandparents’ farm. I forget the rest of the younger kids names as I only met them a couple times. As the mom of a multiracial family, I’m so glad things have changed since then. I wish my sons would’ve had a role model like you when they were that age. So many kids are without one in the home.
    Thank you for caring and making a difference in the lives of others. It is often through our woundedness that we find our purpose.
    God bless you and guide you, and keep you safe.

  2. connie woods

    My son Fly fishes

  3. Nowhere Dottir

    Man what a story, thank you for sharing it, this is so beautiful and inspiring ♡

  4. Oregon Greybeard

    Awesome story! Thank you for sharing! #talkto22

  5. Connect to Soul

    Thank you for your personal steady knowledge, creativity moreover teaching to encourage my direction to turning out to be more consciously responsive and thus spiritually connected.

  6. John King

    Very well done ?…As a resource for you, if my videos aboutCPTSD could be of use to you, reach out to me #drjohnaking

  7. Robbie's Fly Tying Channel

    Great story and channel!

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