Phil Mickelson Press Conference – 2018 U.S. Open – Shop Local

Phil Mickelson Press Conference

Phil Mickelson Press Conference - 2018 U.S. Open  - Buy American

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27 Thoughts to “Phil Mickelson Press Conference – 2018 U.S. Open – Shop Local

  1. Jeremy Reeves

    Someone tell that guy to stop hammering in the press tent.

  2. TeaCup

    What is that banging. Dam irritating

  3. Boon Kiu Yip

    What’s that watering the green on the 17 about? How did they water the green during tournament?

    1. rm1133

      Boon Kiu Yip they literally stood there with hoses and sprayed it between groups. It was so weird.

    2. SocialAssasin

      It was the 7th hole on Sunday. There are plenty of videos here on youtube that show how insane it was. Only Phil and the winner that week, Retief Goosen were under par for the tournament

  4. Trevor Sanso

    phil so insightful

  5. Paul Price

    Someone doesn’t know how to hang a shelf “dang it it’s still not level”…. *takes shelf down and hammers the nail in a different spot*

  6. O. G.

    Diappointed in them widening fairways and softening greens. So lame.

    1. Jerry M

      O. G. But everyone will face the same exact conditions so it should be ok

  7. Me Too

    Hey fucktard!!! we’re trying to have a press conference here

  8. Jerry M

    Why didn’t Phil or someone else tell that asshole to stop hammering?

  9. Martin Brady

    Phil is great. Knows the game and knows how to talk about it better than anyone else.

  10. allen D

    fucking women everywhere. get these whores out of men’s sports. women are to fuck and they are no good at that anymore. most intelligent good looking successful young guys are fucking gay. and who can blame them guys today are softer than fucking women. women want to whip your fucking ass. fuck em in their asses. ISIS come to america, please

  11. Mark Younger

    I can believe Phil would ever play here again after 2004.

  12. THE Funky NinjaMaster of Peace

    If that guy keeps hammering he’s gunna really mess up Phil’s mind and cause him to have the worst crazy shot of his life!

  13. speedwayman100

    fast forward to round three usga you should be ashamed of this golf course what a pathetic excuse for a golf course thank god its going away my local course’s greens are in far better shape

    1. West Lisbon

      speedwayman100 My Uncles back yard is nicer.

  14. Sun Tzu

    if you have enough time and money to get good at golf from a young age you likely don’t understand struggle (at least relatively)… i know, i know, it’s a generalization but aren’t all stereotypes?

  15. Sun Tzu

    i wish my bad day today looked like this…

  16. Lynn Junior

    It’s a shame he will always be known for cheating in this tournament.

    1. showtime951

      I think Phil Mickelson should lose his PGA Tour Card and never be allowed on tour again. “Anything’s Possible” they advertise, but not cheating. You’re right Lynn Junior, he is the worst. Phil should be fined millions, lose endorsements and be permanently removed from the Golf Hall of Fame. While I’m thinking about it, I’m contacting CPS regarding the care of his children. I don’t think you are stupid, Lynn.

  17. Dennis Martinson

    He should never be considered as a Ryder Cup Captain, ever. After throwing Tom Watson “under the bus” when he was captain, and pulling the stunt on 13. What a “bum!

  18. West Lisbon

    Phil can do no wrong.

  19. Hishaam Bompoint

    Pre-round press conference: one of my favourite courses love the set up…