Rhode Island

Small Bites – Polenta Crusted Monkfish

http://www.GoProvidence.com GoProvidence.com and the Providence Journal bring you Small Bites: Easy-to-Digest Recipes.  With the summer crowds gone, it's time to go back to some of our favorite coastal spots. That has to include Jamestown Fish. Here, chef Matthew MacCartney prepares fresh seafood and grilled pizza just steps from Narragansett Bay. MacCartney has graciously shared one of his contemporary seafood recipes, which is perfect for a family meal. It will help picky eaters and children appreciate fish as it is a very approachable dish. It looks like chicken fingers, but it offers fresh, seasonal tomatoes and corn, which elevate it to an elegant dish for company, too. Monkfish is easy to find locally, but you can use any fish you favor; MacCartney suggests swordfish or any white fish. LET'S CONNECT! https://www.facebook.com/GoProvidenceRI http://twitter.com/#!/providenceri http://pinterest.com/goprovidence http://www.flickr.com/photos/goprovidence