Rhode Island

Rhode Island Culture

Rhode Island offers great opportunities to immerse yourself in an array of cultural experiences from Providence’s Waterfire and Federal Hill’s shops, restaurants, and architecture to historic Slater Mill in Pawtucket, to Newport’s famous mansions. Plan your visit to beautiful Rhode Island today!

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23 Thoughts to “Rhode Island Culture”

  1. Frontlines Evangelism

    Love Providence and want to see more.  Thanks for the information on the video.  🙂

    1. Lazy Samurai

      Frontlines Evangelism take it from someone who lives in Rhode island, no u don’t

  2. Jim DePasquale

    It’s puhtucket not Paw-tucket! 😛

  3. sheng muffinlate

    Its show’s in my dream this place anyone can tell me how I can migrate here

    1. Amy Vargas

      sheng muffinlate

    2. goober rownowsky

      if you’re an illegal alien stay the fuck out !!!

  4. Gewel_Yo

    Yum RI clamcakes

  5. Amy Vargas

    I like hampsters

    1. goober rownowsky

      do you fry them or bake them?

  6. alejandra C

    I laughed cause she said it wrong.

  7. Z0RSY

    omg I wanna go to RI so much iits so fancy

    1. Z0RSY

      hahah its good I was trolling lol I lived in Providence and Johnston lol <3

    2. goober rownowsky

      if you’re an illegal alien stay the fuck out!!! we have too many now

    3. Festive

      Trust me some places aren’t

    4. KiDoShiT

      goober rownowsky forget we, YOU clearly don’t have a lot of things to do, seriously get a life my guy

    5. Lazy Samurai

      Z0RSY U CRAZY we poor asf

    6. Giovanni Rain

      No matter what, you’re still better off here than you are in MA or New Bedfah. Coming from a Lowell area native. Providence is vibrant, it has energy.

  8. Stan Stuben

    Drug dealers paradise

    1. Lazy Samurai

      Stan Stuben fr

  9. European life

    Гарно. дуже добре!

  10. phillip turner

    providence rhode island firefighter tom malott pulled a 13 yr old off the sidewalk and raped her.  she said it was covered up.  I would take her words to mean tom malotts dirty, corrupt or on the pad friends in law enforcement.  she worked at Kountry kitchen.  He also gave herpes to other underage kids.  His father paid for the spot in the fire acadamy.

  11. Lazy Samurai

    I’m glad that their promoting my state but 98% of it is wrong most people here are poor as shit, Providence is now a dump, our roads suck, AND HAVE U SEEN EP HIGHSCHOOL ITS A FICKING TRAIN WRECK and they expect to replace it with a $140 million dollar plan like we can afford that by raising taxes no one cares about us especially D.C. we’ve been surving on our own and it kinda fucking sucks

  12. Giovanni Rain

    Providence is nice. I liked walking Federal Hill earlier and I stopped at Broadway cigars.

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