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South Dakota: 2012 Buffalo Roundup – Buy American!

South Dakota: 2012 Buffalo Roundup Shop Local & Buy American This Season!
Highlights of the 2012 Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Every September, the park’s buffalo are rounded up by cowboys for the care and maintenance of the herd.
Music by South Dakota composer Stephen Yarbrough.

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12 Thoughts to “South Dakota: 2012 Buffalo Roundup – Buy American!”

  1. Rob Wolcott

    We saw this in person, but this video from the SD visitors with music is much better because of the close ups.

  2. Barbara Pottieger

    How amazing!!!

  3. Angelus DarkHaven

    But you just can’t feel the ground rumble from it on the video.

  4. chiavet

    Music was okay but would have loved to actually hear them.

  5. Dominik Pümpel

    where are the free living buffalos? where are the free living natives of the praerie? i see a crowd of noise making tourists with their camera. horrible. thats not like nature should be. I claim morr respect for nature and wildlife.
    toksa chief patchdom

  6. brenna chuprathoom

    How much does it cost extra to see this

  7. Steven Bradeen

    I looked real hard and didn’t see any Buffalo? were they mixed in with the large herd of “North American Bison” If I want to see a Cape Buffalo, or Water Buffalo, Roundup I will have to travel to India, Africa, or South East Asia? Cape Buffalo and Water Buffalo are large cattle to tame and domesticated for Americans. We all want to see a Wild Bison Roundup at the Custer State Park in South Dakota!!

    1. Husky Doge

      Steven Bradeen they are buffalo

  8. Pwn Business

    mmm buffalo new york strips.

  9. Marty933

    It costs the regular park admission. No extra cost to watch the roundup.

  10. quantae06

    I like Buffaloes! 🙂