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Tennessee Viewfinders for the Colorblind | TN Vacation

The landscape of Tennessee is lush with bright greens and yellows in the spring and vivid reds and oranges in the fall. It’s a kaleidoscope of truly breathtaking colors. But we realize not everyone can fully experience its beauty.
We installed EnChroma lenses engineered with spectral lens technology so that people with color blindness could experience and share the true colors of the fall for the first time. See what happened when they looked through them.
Learn more about EnChroma glasses for color blindness, at
For more information regarding where all of our Color Blind-less Viewers are located, visit:

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45 Thoughts to “Tennessee Viewfinders for the Colorblind | TN Vacation”

  1. Louise Chilvers Zielinski

    Truly awesome! I just had the most chilling epitome, even though I am a nurse I never understood when my Dad would say he hated fall, he had told me years ago he was color blind and I never even realized he was missing one of the greatest sites a person can see! God Bless the person who invented the viewer and those who helped to have them placed!

    1. JanPBtest

      The video should have mentioned that these filters are made by Enchroma and are available in a variety of frames as glasses (including prescription ones). They are not cheap but they come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Check their web site and get a pair (the outdoor ones) for your Dad to check them out. They don’t work for everyone but the majority of the red-green deficient cases can be largely fixed.

  2. TrueSake

    Hopefully one day the technology will be so advance that people will be able to put it on sunglasses, or even contacts, heck maybe even cure the problem.

    1. Beau Branback

      This actually started from Enchroma sunglasses!!

    2. Michele Maxted

      They do have them “Enchroma” – we bought some for our adult son and I cried tears of joy for something that I never imagined would happen – he saw purple and other colors he has never before seen. They are expensive, which makes them unreachable for many who can’t afford them. My hope is that one day, they will be subsidized and can be experienced by all.

    3. covvie Our son has a pair. For most people with red/green color insensitivity, they work splendidly.

    4. silvia hölscher

      Look at all the videos with EnChroma glasses. They are amazing

  3. Shirley Myers

    This is so awesome for so many people!! Thank you! I totally agree with TrueSake, that too would be awesome!

  4. Joe Bafia

    A friend sent me this link this morning. My wife and I have now planned a weekend trip, this weekend, so that I can see the fall colors for the first time in my 40 years. Within 48 hours, I will be able to see what everyone else sees. 7 1/2 hour drive seems worth it to me… I can’t wait!

    1. silvia hölscher

      You can buy EnChroma glasses for the colorblind!

    2. thethangswedo1

      My experience on this day was spectacular, I was speechless. I do own a pair of the glasses now and have to learn my colors at the age of 45. Enjoy your experience.

    3. TNVacation

      We hope you had a wonderful trip, Joe. Thanks for sharing your story.

    4. Louise Chilvers Zielinski

      God Bless you, safe travels and enjoy! I read somewhere once about Monet, they said it would be wonderful to see the colors he see’s! I can only imagine!

    5. Andy Rodriguez

      So how did it go friend?

  5. Andy Egenias


  6. Sherwood Va

    So you made a video about color blindness but did not caption it, so people with hearing loss can’t understand. Sad!

    1. Billie Curtiss

      Sherwood Va you’re joking right? If it’s a joke it’s funny as hell. If it’s not a joke it’s still funny, but you’re dumb.

    2. Joseph Cook

      You’re not dumb. It’s a valid point. I loved the video very, very much. but yes, I’m sure the people with hearing loss would like to know what people are saying in their reactions.

    3. Billie Curtiss

      So people with hearing impairments should have the entire world transcribed? Everything has to cater to someone right? There’s always a group who is dissatisfied with something because it doesn’t cater to that group’s disability.
      I have aspergers. I don’t read emotions. Should it have to annotate to explain the specific emotions to me? Or is one disability more valid than another? Is my impairment less important? There are loads of software and applications options that grant the hearing impaired the ability to navigate the world.

  7. Hunter Stuart

    Hi! Hunter Stuart with Dose Media here – may we repost this video as long as we provide credit and link to YouTube/TNVacation? Please let me know! Thanks. hunter(at)dose(dot)com

  8. Ukulele Foote

    I’m so glad this popped up.  I will be planning to take my father down next fall.

    1. TNVacation

      We’re so glad to hear that, Ukelele Foote. We also have a free Trip Planner that can help you prepare for your trip. Check it out at:

    2. TNVacation

      We’re so glad to hear that, Ukelele Foote. We also have a free Trip Planner that can help you prepare for your trip. Check it out at:

  9. Anna Cashel

    This is great. My dad was color blind. I would give anything if he was here for these advancements in science.

  10. Md Sajedul Islam

    Best wishes for them who have taken this step. Wonderful! 🙂

  11. Gail Lang

    OH. MY!!! Soooo incredible….made me cry…each time I watch it! Thank you, Tennessee!!!! There ARE glasses now available for people who are color blind. You can Google search for them, or here’s one link (nothing in it for me, just want to help)…

    1. Louise Chilvers Zielinski

      Really nice public service to provide a link! God Bless you!

  12. Gail Lang

    OH. MY!!! Soooo incredible….made me cry…each time I watch it! Thank you, Tennessee!!!! There ARE glasses now available for people who are color blind. You can Google search for them, or here’s one link (nothing in it for me, just want to help)…

  13. silvia hölscher

    Wow, Tennessee is breathtaking , stunning, amazing, wow

  14. DinduNuffin

    Whenever I see expression “true colors” I realize the author of the video doesn’t know anything about nature of colors, nor physics. Colors are just brain’s imagination and way of interpreting different light wavelengths. There is an infinite number of them in reality, thus, there is an infinite number of different colors. Normal vision people distinguish more colors than colorblind people obviously, but they are still far far away from seeing the colors and world as it truly is, or seeing those “true” colors mentioned in this video. The best example is a rainbow, which is a continuous spectrum (infinite colors). And yet, normal vision people will usually tell that they distinguish around 7 distinct colors. That is still very limited and not nearly close to how the rainbow could look like if we had at least 4 cone type receptors as birds have, not to mention more. So it’s ignorant to say that and, for me, it’s a bit irritating when I read that normal vision people see the right (true) colors and that colorblind people see wrong colors!? We both see wrongly and we are both highly limited in our colorsvision, but CVD people are just more aware of it since they have other people reminding them daily that they see the world a bit more colorful.

    Btw, I’ve never been to the USA, but it seems that you guys really have an amazing nature down there. I can only imagine the feeling when the eagle flies over this mountains with his 100million colorvision eyesight. Ultimate life experience in this world, for my beliefs. Nothing can’t top that, not even a space ride.

    1. ams 15292

      An eagle can see 100 mil colors, do you have any references. I like to read up on that.

  15. GypsySilver

    Wonderful idea! But why not make them height adjustable though? The men had to stoop to look through them.

    1. TNVacation

      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, the company we worked with for the viewers does not make stands that are adjustable. We need them to be a certain height as the they are located at places that have high elevation and have railings to ensure the safety of those visiting. Their height ensures they can see of the railings and allows for a farther vantage point view when using the viewfinder.

  16. Lunar Skies

    Calling it lol the song also from dead island.

  17. Ben Pantera

    man suffered the most from this colourblindness. Thats why majority of the video is male its rare to find a women.

  18. Jerry Hill

    I feel like New England fall colors are even more pretty than Tennessee, just from what I heard about New England being famous for their fall colors

    1. gypsyheart49

      If you haven’t seen them, why comment?  Having seen both, they’re both amazing.  It depends on the year, how much rainfall they’ve had and a lot of other things as to how they look in any given year, but both beautiful.  Tennessee mountains are different in some ways though since they were formed differently.  Makes it more like “surround color” sort of like ‘surround sound’  Just waves and waves of colors as far as you can see.

  19. Jared Hale

    I live in WV and the fall and winter are my favorite things about living here. The mountains are some of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. Beats any beach or fancy place like that. Truly peaceful. Nothing man made just beautiful Mother Nature.

  20. Jane Manning

    Curious who the special 65 people are that give this a thumbs down.

  21. LibertyMatrix

    The best advertisement I’ve ever seen.