Tiger, Rory and U.S. Open Predictions – Shop Local

Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and expert U.S. Open predictions highlight the latest update from Shinnecock Hills.

Tiger, Rory and U.S. Open Predictions  - Buy American

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18 Thoughts to “Tiger, Rory and U.S. Open Predictions – Shop Local

  1. Skip Karas

    sick of the tiger show

    1. e james

      tiger will win the grand slam in 2018………………….???

    2. Michael John

      Skip Karas Boo Hoo!

    3. Oliver Haynes

      Sick of the likes of you!!!

    4. Jerry Myers

      What kind of cheese do you like with your wine….Skippy?

    5. Gary Tarr

      Totally agree . Woods is a misogynistic whore fuckin LOSER

  2. e james

    Look….I don’t wanna be a killjoy or anything but, to my way of thinking, nobody sets up a U.S. open T.V. broadcast any better than johnny miller. But I guess it’s no use cryin’ about it, right?

  3. KANGかん

    타이거 응원 합니다….

  4. A D

    Here’s my predictions Rory doesn’t play well makes cut, Phil misses cut , and tiger makes
    cut but doesn’t contend. End of story next !

  5. John Wood

    If the wind blows Rory has no chance

  6. Kyle Bonner

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  7. m me

    Good luck tiger wood the best golfer in the world still ⛳️.

    1. Gary Tarr

      You are a deluded MORON

  8. The Butler

    Guy dropped his phone 27:53 I found your phone.

  9. Gary Tarr

    ROTFLMAO At Tiger Woods ….8 over

  10. Ben Hulgan

    It could take years for Rory to get back in the game he had once before. I kinda believe it’s in he’s head.

  11. UrbanLikwid

    My prediction is they all get cut!