Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau live at Shinnecock Hills – Shop Local

Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau are live at Shinnecock Hills on Day 2 of #USOpen championship week.

Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau live at Shinnecock Hills  - Buy American

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26 Thoughts to “Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau live at Shinnecock Hills – Shop Local

  1. Boyet Cueto

    Let’s go TIGER!

    1. Q Crew

      Tiger looks health for once

  2. John Wood

    That bird talks absolute nonsense

  3. วิโรจ พรมสี


  4. John Wood

    Butch stalking Tiger

  5. Vincent Coleman

    I’m NOT a Tiger fan but he looks in pain walking the fareway.. I hope he’s not!

    1. Dafydd Johnson

      he looks fine…. dik

    2. Vincent Coleman

      Typical THICK Yank, cant even spell DICK properly.. Get a Life.

    3. Dafydd Johnson

      hahahaha dafydd says yank to you? and wer all grammer freiks when we text or comment online…. dik

    4. tigerbalm

      Maybe constipation after lunch? I know it’s not diarhea…he would be running.

    5. Vincent Coleman

      Great answer.. ))))))

  6. Israela Kim

    화이팅! 임프로! 당신은 US Open 우승자가 되세요! 대한민국을 빛내주십시요! 누구도 당신을 이기지 못합니다. 모든 능력과 기술은 이미 당신은 가지고 있읍니다. 칼날같은 정신력만 마지막 공이 홀에 들어갈때까지 유지 하십시요. Pls. destroy whole filds! You can do it dude!

  7. O. G.

    Wider fairways, firmer sand…..Are they Tiger softening the course?

    1. Marie Taylor

      O. G. Are you serious?!

  8. Matt Craze

    Love the commentary guys, really knowledgeable. Proper golfers talking golf.

  9. Jdart 48

    Did you see Tiger spinning wedges back from 15 yards?! Seriously!?

    1. Paul van Raay

      Jdart 48 slope of the 7th green.

  10. Daniel Schœn

    Big shout out to the USGA for making these free to watch worldwide! Also, thanks for the awesome Chambers Bay documentary!

  11. toshiaki iwakiri


  12. toshiaki iwakiri

    Tosiaki Iwakiri japanこんにちわ

  13. PancakeCreeper

    The guy is a classless piece of shit,just like his old man.I caddied for him in IRELAND years ago.

  14. robert scott

    If your not going to show them playing and how they are playing, this video is absolutely useless….very bad

  15. crystal kid

    guys technology is amazing im watching this form Oman in the middle east Tiger my hopes are on you go my man!

  16. AussieNaturalist

    Good job Ned, sad though that you have to work with such a low life scumbag and cheat like Porter. Keep up the good work though mate.

  17. On the verge of Vani11a

    This is just a video of three people rambling on, what a waste of time