Tiger Woods Press Conference – 2018 U.S. Open – Shop Local

Three-time U.S. Open champion Tiger Woods shares his early thoughts on Shinnecock Hills.

Tiger Woods Press Conference - 2018 U.S. Open  - Buy American

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54 Thoughts to “Tiger Woods Press Conference – 2018 U.S. Open – Shop Local

  1. Spencer

    5:05 interview starts

    1. roter13

      you are the real mvp

  2. John Baker

    Love Tiger in that Blue


  3. TeaCup

    Let’s do it tiger.

    I love him so much.

    1. The Bambino

      Why don’t you SUCK HIS CHEATING COCK THEN ??

  4. Brandon Truhett

    Everyone wants Tiger to win again.

    1. canWego Backintime

      I don’t unless he earns it. Golf is the ultimate individual sport. If he shows up, that’s not enough. There are no participation trophies in golf.

    2. HighCurrent11

      David G. …Liberals are worse…and I hope Tiger falls in a lake.

    3. LisztPlayer

      American Liberals are the WORST! Of ALL! At least Tiger isn’t ruining an entire country. I’d love to see Tiger make a comeback, not just in US Open, but all around. Unfortunately, it seems as though time is running out on him to get back to where he was years ago. He’s just not the same golfer…period. That said, I’m still pulling for him and hope we can get another glimpse of what used to be.

    4. LisztPlayer

      But don’t get me wrong….I’m not a fan of his infidelity, HUGE mistake on his part. But if I can’t find a way to forgive and forget, then how can I expect God to forgive and forget my own sins?? We have to move on and just hope he has changed in that respect.

    1. TeaCup

      David Geraci I love him

  5. Israela Kim

    화이팅! 임프로!(Lim-#1 ranking Pro 당신은 US Open 우승자가 되세요! 대한민국을 빛내주십시요! 누구도 당신을 이기지 못합니다. 모든 능력과 기술은 이미 당신은 가지고 있읍니다. 칼날같은 정신력만 마지막 공이 홀에 들어갈때까지 유지 하십시요. Pls. destroy whole filds! You can do it dude!

  6. John Vapes

    Hope you have a great tournament. Love to see a number four win. Go Ball!

  7. Smite Stuff

    13:07 The young Tiger face lol

    1. canWego Backintime

      JK Vose No, that guy’s first name is Jack. Tiger needs to win 4 more just to tie. It won’t happen.

  8. Carlos Ledesma

    His putters name is POA for PIECE of Ass lol

  9. CycleCruza

    Great to see Tiger back. The only times I’ve ever watched golf is usually when he’s playing. He brings excitement to golf.

    1. canWego Backintime

      CycleCruza then you aren’t a golf fan.

  10. Thomas Didymus

    GO GET ‘EM ?TIGER!!!!

  11. Paul O'Neil

    Tiger is the next OV

  12. Top Golf Gears

    Love Tiger !
    Tiger is besttttttt !

  13. strongsi

    thanks for posting the full press conference 🙂

  14. The Bambino

    Yeah you got to LOVE how the public just went FLOCKING BACK to this LYING, CHEATING PIECE OF ARROGANT TRASH !! Are you all THAT FUCKING STUPID or is it that you all just have INCREDIBLY BAD MEMORIES ??? He CHEATED on his SWEDISH MODEL WIFE AND TWO KIDS FOR CHRIST FUCKING SAKE – the bastard should BE IN JAIL but instead all of you WOODS LOVING LOSERS want him to RUN FOR PRESIDENT !! It’s too bad Elin didn’t CAVE IN HIS HEAD with that 9 iron !! By the way – the PIECE OF SHIT HAS NO CHANCE OF DOING ANYTHING in the Open !! All you IDIOTS seem to conveniently forget the fact that he’s A FUCKING HAS BEEN as far as golf goes and the field is WAY TOO STRONG with great YOUNG players . Have fun watching your FADED PIECE OF SHIT HERO MISS THE CUT !!

  15. Simon Wong

    Tiger! Tiger!Tiger!

  16. Mark Power

    Lefty , the Jimmy White of the US Open….

  17. Mark Power

    Tigers approach play can get him in a good mix this week…if he is confident…He seems relaxed.

  18. Joel Charron

    Tiger is the GOAT! Not Nicklaus… who cares about 18 majors vs 14 majors? tiger has 11 player of the year (which is more important when it comes down to whos the best on a yearly base) and Jack has 5 or 6… Tigers been on tour since 97… 11/21 years he was player of the year! how long did jack play? 30 yrs id guess with only 5 or 6 player of the year? common

  19. William Penn

    With Tiger back in the mix at these majors, my level of excitement and anticipation is like Christmas eve when I was a child. Can not wait for them to tee off.

  20. Bob Saget

    Go Tiger and Phil.

  21. Dwight Williams

    How has your life changed? “Its gotten better” Lol

  22. Greg Holmes

    Did anyone else see “Tiger & Rocco” on FS1? Loved when Steve Williams was telling the story about how he told Tiger he should pack it in at 2008 US open and Tiger looked at him and said, “f$@# you Stevie I’m going to win this tournament.”

  23. Marie Taylor

    I hope that he is competitive even if he doesn’t win. But I do believe that he will win a major between now and the end of next year.

  24. Choco

    Here it comes Here it coooomes … !

  25. Matthew Kievit

    Let’s go Tiger, time to get on the hunt.

  26. m me

    Wish you the best in the field for us open 2018 hope you win You are tiger wood you can do it .

  27. cromerbeach

    I personally just wish the arrogant little git would just bugger off

  28. e james

    tiger will win the grand slam in 2018…………………….

    1. canWego Backintime

      e james are you an idiot?

    2. e james

      do you suck dick…………?

    3. canWego Backintime

      You obviously do because the Masters has already been played dumbass, and Tiger did not win. Do you even understand golf….never mind….you ARE an idiot.

    4. canWego Backintime

      e james oh, dumbass, he missed the cut for the U.S. Open. Yes, you are an idiot.

    5. sirbrad4

      You need to look up what “Grand Slam” means. Only Grand Slam Tiger is getting this year is at Denny’s.

  29. Gary Tarr

    ROTFLMAO @ Tiger Woods …Round 1 for the misogynistic whore fuckin LOSER ..8 over !!!

  30. Marcello Grispino

    Carle jones we got metro news paper and Philly dally news and no flyer unll sunday news paper and thats all sports liustred magazine cover the capitals and warriors

  31. Marcello Grispino

    Carle jones we got sports illustrated magazine on the cover capitals and golden state warriors Belmont stakes 3 days 3 champions

  32. Skeeter McTavish

    Hey Tiger, remember when you cheated on your wife and she went apeshit on you? That was legendary.

    1. PRO HEN

      Took half his money and sent him into a 10yr depression.

  33. sirbrad4

    I am here for the lady.