Tiger Woods Struggles Out of the Gate – Shop Local

Tiger Woods Hole 1 Highlight from 118th U.S. Open Championship at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.

Tiger Woods Struggles Out of the Gate  - Buy American

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22 Thoughts to “Tiger Woods Struggles Out of the Gate – Shop Local

  1. setokaiba991

    Tiger Woods after 1st round withdraws due to back injury.

    1. Luke Boshart

      George Schubert terrible. Those two doubles killed him

    2. Jeff's RGU

      And the triple didn’t help either, shittycock just too tough for him

    3. Luke Boshart

      Jeff’s RGU too tough for most

    4. Clare Logue


    5. michele iapalucci

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  2. butter myballs

    I need some roids.

  3. Rex II ForSure

    At least nobody yelled “Guettt inta the hole!!!!” Half way thru his putts!!

  4. George Schubert

    There is a God afterall. A +8 and tied for 101st. Thank you.

    1. Imran Haque

      George Schubert he isn’t what he once used to be

    2. George Schubert

      You’re right, but someone needs to inform the sports media.

  5. George Schubert

    Please, all of you Tiger ball washers, give it up already.

  6. Drew Smith

    The US Open is becoming more of a joke each time it’s played. It’s embarrassing for golf.

    1. Imran Haque

      that’s a strong statement

    2. MercMan82

      Why? Because they don’t shoot 20 under? Get a grip.

    3. New phone, who dis?

      I agree!! And so does Daly,lol

  7. Mark t

    Good,love to see him struggle, maybe he should concentrate more on golf than fucking white women….fuck u tiger, loser

  8. Matteo Duce

    Hahahahahhaha….Did he go get a lap dance after these memorable shots?

  9. New phone, who dis?

    All he needs is Butch, but he just wont make the call!

  10. JK Vose

    he needs to figure out his game especially his putting