US Tennis Interview: Sloane Stephens Advances to Roland Garros Final

Sloane Stephens talks to the USTA about her semifinal win at Roland Garros and gives her impressions ahead of her finals matchup vs. Simona Halep.

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13 Thoughts to “US Tennis Interview: Sloane Stephens Advances to Roland Garros Final”

  1. Candace Duncan

    great job Sloane! 🇺🇸🎾👍

  2. Charlie Moore

    Congratulations Sloane☺️!!! Go win that French Open🇺🇸😊!!

    1. Vlad Guran

      Charlie Moore suckers, simona will win

  3. Danny L

    Great job well done bring Home French open ..

  4. La Man

    Being African-American or any ethnicity for that matter has nothing to do with reaching any finals. It’s hard work, dedication, believing in yourself and honing your craft like anybody else that gets anyone there. So, these questions should really be dropped, since they inadvertently suggest that African-Americans, or any ethnicity confronted with this question, are somehow inferior and reached the finals by chance or good luck and that the person in question effectively should not have been in the finals.

    1. Wanda Skinner

      La Man I concur. I’ll never comprehend why race has to be injected into everything. She’s an American. When professional athletes compete abroad, they’re not received as Sloane Stephens, African-American. They’re competing for America. There’s skill in every race.

  5. Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

    Sloane is very pragmatic and a breath of fresh air. She looks at like in simplistic terms when it comes to her tennis. Less is more. Good for her.

  6. LHB Finess

    Sloane is so much more likeable now, than she was when she 1st beat Serena 6yrs ago. Maturity does wonders…

  7. Truth Warrior

    Simona will crash her

  8. 30192

    Who the fuck cares about that bs, oh it’s an american channel ))) guess they can’t help but notice first she is black then that she won. No wonder how stupid americans are in their interviews with questions like that

  9. Wanda Skinner

    All the Sloan skeptics will be wiping the 🥚 off of their faces Saturday. Go Sloane!

  10. Catalin Magda

    Simona is the best!

  11. Catalin Magda

    Bravoooo Simona, Bravo România!..u.s.a big country, but today Simona make u.s.a ă little country!….GREAT SIMONA, YOU ARE THE BEST!

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