Barron County – Blue Skies and Country Vibes

With hundreds of miles of trails and dozens of pristine lakes, Barron County is a prime candidate for outdoor adventure. In this episode, Mariah and Eric take a deep dive into the hidden gems and history of one of the most beautiful areas in the state. Eric kicks things off mountain biking through the Blue Hills before checking out the Barron County ATV playground, an intensive-use area perfect for kicking up some dirt! Meanwhile, Mariah travels to Norske Nook to sample some of their award-winning pies and learn about the business’s Norwegian heritage, and Eric gets his own delicious meal at Lehman’s Supper Club, named as one of the top 10 supper clubs in the state by Travel Wisconsin. The crew makes a stop at the Pioneer Village Museum, where the history of Barron County is on full display with hundreds of artifacts, 40 buildings and a heritage garden. Next, Eric travels to Northstar Bison and Mariah visits Anderson’s Maple Syrup to get an inside look at how these industries thrive in the area. Finally, the crew discovers the best of summer in Barron County at the county fair and the Cars, Crafts & Rock n’ Roll show in Turtle Lake before Mariah ends her Barron County journey with a movie at Stardust Twin Drive-In Theater. There’s no shortage of fun and excitement in Barron County!

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2 Thoughts to “Barron County – Blue Skies and Country Vibes”

  1. carlplath1

    My place to relax in May and September.

  2. Pablo Guerrero

    I need to visit!

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