Gemütlichkeit: The Spirit of Wisconsin | Travel Wisconsin | :30

It’s called Gemutlichkeit. It can be tricky to say (guh-MYOOT-lik-KYT), but it’s easy to feel. Friendship, warmth and good cheer. That’s Gemutlichkeit and that’s Wisconsin.

Take a trip to Wisconsin and experience it for yourself:

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12 Thoughts to “Gemütlichkeit: The Spirit of Wisconsin | Travel Wisconsin | :30”

  1. Alex Klett

    Nice Trumpet music !

  2. Turner Hall of Monroe

    Great transformation of the Grand Hall of the Turner Hall of Monroe, where this was filmed!

  3. William Deverey

    great german advertisement 10/10 sehr gemütlichkeit

  4. Connie Hollins

    Had fun working on this commercial.

  5. Johnathan Nash

    bahahaha I like the yodel

  6. Mathew Tubbs

    Anyone know what song the band is playing?

    1. Travel Wisconsin

      Hi, Mathew – They’re playing “Ein Prosit!”

    2. Bob Miske

      The Bavarian Anthem

  7. chris walther

    This commercial is shown WAY to much and it’s VERY annoying

  8. abnjmk

    The guy with the handle bar mustache looks like the late Joel Siegel who was the movie critic on Good Morning America

  9. Lil Everette Yoakum III


  10. devilsveryown

    This reminds me of my Grandma. German/Wisconsin roots here! Much love from Chicago

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