USA Damascus Knife

Creative hand made knives of America… This Pakistan Damascus knife is made in wisconsin! Layer after layer, this Damascus steel is harder than most any other@! Only Brad Buckner has it – Contact SharpensBest@gmail.com to learn how to own this knife!

Brad Buckner Demonstrates hit new SharpensBest.com products at the Tanner Gun Show in Denver, CO – http://www.SharpensBest.com – WOW!
Use the Best Knife Sharpener – The Best Survival Gear, Tactical Tool, Knife Sharpener, Fire Starter, EDC, best pocket carry ever!
The Sharpens Best Family of Survival tools is just what you need – It Just Works!

Video Recorded by: http://www.SharpensBest.com

Spread the Love for This Socially Conscious American Business!

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7 Thoughts to “USA Damascus Knife”

  1. Tycoon Enterprises

    please visit our Knives website

  2. Tycoon Enterprises

    please visit our Knives website

  3. Daud Blades

    I am from Pakistan I am a manufacturer I have my own industry here in Pakistan I am wholsale dealer.
    We make Damascus, Steel, CS, Knives Blades, BarBer Razor, Swords, Billets, Cleaver, Axe.
    Thank you

    Umar Farooq

  4. wsmaga

    very nice knife. do you sell the knives that are on your table. the one with the brass ends and flip lever lock looked pretty cool.

  5. Herman Alcaraz

    That is a nice knife

  6. Sonny Daze


  7. Aces & eights AZ HV/AC,Sparky and guns

    You going to come to the Arizona gun show