Wisconsin Foodie – Karl Ratzsch & Usinger Sausage – Full Episode

In this episode of Wisconsin Foodie, we explore a culinary tradition in Milwaukee that is engrained in the city’s DNA, German cooking and Sausage. We profile two businesses that are over one hundred years old and have been working together for just as long, U singers Sausage and Karl Ratzsch restaurant. Chef Thomas Hauck, new owner of Karl Ratzsch has made the risk to save a classic Milwaukee institution and revive it with some fresh ideas and a little polish for the beer steins. We hang with Chef Hauck in the kitchen as he prepares some classics dishes with his modern take. Then we meet up with 4th generation sausage maker, Fritz Usinger and get a some insight in their history of Usinger’s as well as the process of sausage making that has made them famous.

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5 Thoughts to “Wisconsin Foodie – Karl Ratzsch & Usinger Sausage – Full Episode”

  1. BargSlarg

    I think if usigner opened a restaurant in Milwaukee they would be successful

  2. 300IQ Wizard

    I can’t wait to open the liverwurst later!

  3. Adrin Smith

    By the time this episode aired, Karl Ratzach had been closed for over 3 months. Couldn’t there have been a disclaimer?

  4. beerguy1320

    I got the meat sweats just watchin’ this tasty episode.

  5. Mike Murphy

    Wurst. Episode. Ever.

    (((ducks tomatoes being thrown)))

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