CJ’s Gluten Free Organic Onion Dip Mix

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CJ’s Premium Onion Dip Mix

Crafted with 10 Organic Herbs and Organic Spices blended to perfection, one simply adds this entire packet to mayo and/or sour cream or plain Greek yogurt creating an amazingly delicious onion dip. Preparation time is approximately 2 minutes.  With CJ’s Premium Onion Dip Mix ingredients respect for dietary sensitivities allows a healthier onion soup mix alternative to be used in your favorite recipes.  This onion dip goes incredibly well with vegetables, chips, and a dollop on a steak or burger.  Absolutely Delicious!

Each Packet makes 4 cups of Onion Dip

Tip for smaller portions:  Empty Entire packet into another container, shake well, then split into two portions that allows for (2)- 2 Cup servings.  Add this “half” mixture to 1 cup mayo and 1 cup sour cream and/or plain Greek yogurt, mix well. Enjoy!

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CJ’s Organic Onion Dip Mix.  A Spice/Herb mixture that’s gently blended using 10 different USDA Organic and Certified Gluten-Free Herbs and Spices by GFCO.  One simply mixes the entire packet with mayo and/or sour cream or plain Greek yogurt per the labels directions.  The preparation time is approximately 2 minutes.  Each packet creates 4 cups of delicious dip providing a generous amount for parties or for several late night indulgences!  Try one of our simple onion dip recipes below.

  • Great Gluten-Free Alternative for your recipes requiring an Onion Soup Mix

CJ’s Premium Onion Dip Mix proves to be a healthier alternative for onion soup mixes in your favorite recipes.  By simply emptying the entire packet of CJ’s onion dip mix into another container, shake well to blend the spices/herbs together completely.  Feel confident knowing that these blends are better options for you and your guests.

  • Suggested onion dip mix amounts to be added to your favorite recipes:

Crockpots (Slow Cookers) with Pork, Beef, Chicken: 1 packet with 2-3 pounds of meat, additional 1/2 packet per additional pounds.

Meat Loafs and Onion Burgers- 1 packet per 2 pounds of beef, 1/2 packet each additional pound creating mouth-watering meat loaf or burgers.

  • Fresh Vegetable Pairings with Onion Dip:

This extremely versatile onion spice-blend mix pairs exceptionally well with chips or dipping fresh vegetables.  Cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, radishes, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes are easy to prepare and are great compliments.  Presenting these fresh vegetables paired with fresh onion dip creates an amazingly fresh party tray that will have your guests wanting more!

  • More Creative Onion Dip Recipes:

Calling all BBQ grillers, combining a large dollop of prepared onion dip atop a grilled burger or steak is divine.  When the grilling is complete, serving the remaining onion dip for vegetables, french fries, sweet potato fries, or tator tots completes the tasty experience!

Wing lovers totally enjoy this onion dip instead of using a preservative added salad dressing.

CJ’s Premium Onion Dip Mix is delicious when mixing individually any of the following ingredients:  Sour cream, plain Greek yogurt, cream cheese, and cottage cheese.  In keeping with your dietary needs, CJ’s Premium Spices provides the healthy spice blends helping you create your fabulous tasting dishes.

Try any of our recipes, then share your own recipes with all of the Facebook fans of CJ’s. This stuff is that good!

Spread the Love for This Socially Conscious American Business!

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CJ's Premium Spices

Famous Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher Premium Potato Salad, Dill Dip and Onion Dip Spice Mixes.

The original idea for CJ’s Premium Spices was quite simple, actually.

The originator of the Potato Salad Mix worked as a cook in the family restaurant and was tasked with creating a delicious side dish that everyone would enjoy. Amazingly, the potato salad proved to be a big hit among all the restaurant patrons, many decades later, the idea of making it simple for everyone to replicate in their own kitchen by using a “spice packet” was recently commercially perfected. A company was born, Originally Captain Jeff’s, new owners continue to work tirelessly to bring “Culinary Joy in a Packet” to every household pantry and CJ’s Premium Spices was founded.

Since 2014 when the company was founded, the mission of CJ’s Premium Spices has been crystal clear. In a food industry that’s inundated with seasonings and spice blends that contain unhealthy additives and fillers, pulverized appearances, our vision is to craft healthy Organic, Gluten-Free, Kosher alternatives that are both versatile and unique, consistently producing inconceivable flavor. Our only goal is to continue bringing you Mother Earth at its finest, in every single packet there is a pre-determined culinary blend of diverse spices that consistently produces not only astoundingly delicious fresh taste, yet a wonderful appearance as well. Each packet provides Quality, Convenience, and Value to produce the best tasting side dishes and/or dips. Enjoy the homemade taste and look of CJ’s Premium Spices today!

When people initially taste our Premium Potato Salad and Dill or Onion Dips, they always remain in a state of quiet contemplation. One bite of either one of these dishes forces you to pause and savor the experience. You immediately realize that this definitely isn’t just ANY recipe. The incredible flavors are almost indescribable and the delightful finish of each bite lingers and impresses your senses. Once the originality and simplicity of preparation of our products is revealed to our taste samplers, they most always become our customers, Thank You!

So go ahead and TRY THESE ORGANIC SPICE BLENDS TODAY and look ahead for more delicious spices blends to come from CJ’s Premium Spices.

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