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Most of us know what we want to say, but we need to say it in a way that our audience will understand it. Whether it is ad copy that accurately describes a product and makes it a ‘must have’ item, or a detailed description or analysis of a technical or scientific subject, the correct approach is crucial. Sometimes your message just needs a little extra ‘polish’. That’s what I do. I put a ‘polish’ on your ideas so that they say what you want to say, clearly, concisely with that little something ‘extra’.

I have been helping people to write and to effectively edit their writing for more than twenty years. I have edited articles, books, Master’s Theses, Dissertations, and Website articles. I have a degree in English and a Doctorate in Cognitive Psychology (human thought processes, problem-solving and decision-making) with a specialization in Psycholinguistics. I have taught in a university business program as a teacher at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. I served as Department Chairperson of an MBA program for several years. My diverse background helps me to understand marketing and communication from both a practical and a theoretical perspective.

Call or email me to discuss reviewing/editing fees for 50 page, 100 page, 200+ pages

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Reviewing and editing Articles, Master’s Theses, and Doctoral Dissertations

I have a BA in English and a MA and PhD in Cognitive Science (with specialization in psycho-physiology, psycho-linguistics, human memory, and human learning) I have been a thesis advisor for over 200 graduate students and taught graduate level statistics for more than twenty years.  (I also have been trained in electronics and nuclear reactor physics in US Navy schools.)

Call or email me to discuss reviewing/editing fees for 50 page, 100 page, 200+ pages

(Average fee $100-$250)

(262) 353-5552

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