Resume’s and Curriculum Vita

by WriteStuff Professional Editing

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Need a professionally produced Resume’ or a Curriculum Vitae. Put your best face forward. Clearly written and to the point.

Spread the Love for This Socially Conscious American Business!

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WriteStuff Professional Editing

Whether it is writing ad copy that accurately describes a product and makes it a ‘must have’ item, or a detailed description or analysis of a technical or scientific subject, the correct approach is crucial. Sometimes our message just needs a little extra ‘polish’. That’s what I do. I am a wordsmith or as my business name says, I will create the 'WriteStuff' to make you or your product stand out. I can add a new 'spin' and make your ideas shine with that extra bit of ‘polish’ so that they say what you want to say in a way that is, clear, concise, and exceptional. 

I have been helping people edit their writing for more than twenty years. I have edited articles, books, Master’s Theses, Dissertations, and Website articles.  I have a degree in English and a Doctorate in Cognitive Science (human thought processes, problem-solving and decision-making) with a specialization in Psycholinguistics.

(See my website:      for samples of my writing.)

I have taught in a university business program at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level and served as Department Chairperson of an MBA program for several years. My background is diverse. I understand communication and marketing from a wide range of perspectives.