Sault Sauk Creation Tear Pendant

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Sault Sauk Creation Tear Pendant. Very Rare. Hand Finished, Designed, and Created. Not a Yooperlite. Stunning. Chain not included. Condition is New.

(Pronounced “Soo Sôk krēˈāSH(ə)n tir“)

These incredibly rare precious stones are hand harvested in complete darkness from the largest fresh water reservoir on Earth, the Great Lakes region. The value of the stones is dependent on several factors including the difficulty of harvesting/mining, the incredible rarity (it is approximated that only a single thumb nail sized piece is found per 2,000,000 loose stones not counting sand), and the precision hand finishing and 12 part proprietary process I use to bring you these exquisite pieces of art. Naturally occurring, they come in a variety of colors ranging from mostly white to red, cappuccino, tan, grey, black, and very rarely amber. Clarity varies, although most are considered opaque. Pieces composed of micro-crystalline rock (chalcedony) are more rare and priced accordingly.

Scientifically, the hardness of these precious stones ranges from 6-8 on the Mohs hardness scale with most stones averaging 6. Most are a mix, in varying quantities, of feldspars and hornblende with syenite/sodalite veins, (sometimes a homogeneous mix) which fluoresce under UV light, and you will need an inexpensive UV light to see the fluorescent details of the stone. Unlike many other stones with similar makeup, because of my natural finishing process, Sault Sauk Creation Tears are suitable for display in natural and UV light, making them perfect for jewelry or as display items. The incredible rarity of these stones is due to the precise environment necessary to create them and move them toward the surface of the Earth… a process spanning billions of years. Only found in one specific region on the globe, these stones were carried to the Great lakes region by the movement of glaciers during the Niagara Escarpment… more specifically the Wisconsin Glaciation, which covered all of what is now Canada and parts of the central upper mid-west of the USA.

Experts on the energy and healing qualities of rocks and crystals will be quick to point out that, as ancient Vulcanites, these stones possess qualities of balance, stability, and harmony. It is said that they can help correct endocrine imbalances and promote energy transformation from lower (hidden) to higher (brilliant) energy states. As such, they are said to promote spiritual growth and physical transformation. Creativity and lucid dreaming, with manifestation of dreams is said to be an attribute of these powerful talismans. In fact, the changes in energy states can be directly observed and absorbed. A harmony between science and spirituality is absolutely apparent in the Sault Sauk Creation Tear, as exposure to ultraviolet light (a low energy, low frequency light) will be absorbed into the crystalline components, which then radiate light in a brilliant orange fire, which can be experienced visibly. This is an actual change from a lower energy state to a higher energy state. The spiritual effect is a direct mirror of this physical property.

Looking into a Sault Sauk Creation Tear, one can see the vastness of the universe, with nebulae of creation mirroring images of actual nebulae in our Universe, as we have been shown with deep space telescopes. It is easy to see the vastness of the cosmos in the smallest of objects if we only know how to look. These stones embody this necessary understanding, harmony, balance, and spiritual oneness.

Within the name we are given a secret, for every act of beauty, every creation worth reverence and awe, must necessarily stir within us the same emotion God must have felt when the world was created. Some things are beyond our ability to describe with words, and only tears can express the beauty, joy, and sometimes pain that comes from the act of creating something so very magnificent – and of which you are a part.

The Sault Sauk Creation Tear is the embodiment of the beauty of creation, lovingly brought from obscurity, and still largely unknown. The care I take in bringing these stones to light is my gift to you. You deserve a Sault Sauk Creation Tear. Buy one for yourself and one for someone who would benefit from a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the beauty of Creation… embodied exquisitely within one of the rarest of objects on Earth.

*The photographs simply don’t or can’t capture the true beauty of the stone. You have to see it for yourself.

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