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A Few Tips for Maintenance of Your Home Security Systems

A Few Tips for Maintenance of Your Home Security Systems

Your home security systems like any other appliances are liable to break down and hence they also need proper maintenance.

The following are a few tips for maintenance of your home security systems that can be addressed by a houston home security company.

Check your alarm system at least once every month.

Ensure that keypads and sensors remain free from any dust and debris. You must always clean them by using a dry, clean, and soft cloth. Avoid spraying water or any other cleaning products on your keypad or sensors.

Your control panel should have a test mode that runs a self-diagnostic for ensuring everything works properly. Run that periodically.

If you are using a CCTV, then blow the camera lens periodically using compressed air. Also, clean with lens solution. Wipe the lens by using tissue and use slow circular motions.

Once a year change the battery in your control panel.

If you have got a wireless security system, then change your battery once you notice the low battery indication. You must always have one spare battery in hand.

Also, check batteries and enclosures regularly.

Ensure that the entire lights in your security system function properly.

Frequently, inspect the locks on every door and window of your home for ensuring that there will be no warping or any such condition that can make trespassing easy.

Lastly, you must sign an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) from your security system service provider who can offer safer and assured maintenance service to your security system.