10 Best Tourist Attractions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Buy American!

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Shop Local & Buy American This Season!
10 Best Tourist Attractions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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15 Thoughts to “10 Best Tourist Attractions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Buy American!”

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    10 Best Tourist Attractions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    0:01 #01 Harley – Davidson Museum
    0:22 #02 Milwaukee River Walk
    0:43 #03 Milwaukee Public Market
    1:04 #04 Milwaukee County Zoo
    1:26 #05 Discovery World
    1:47 #06 Milwaukee Art Museum
    2:08 #07 Henry Maier Festival Park
    2:30 #08 Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory
    2:50 #09 Milwaukee Public Museum
    3:12 #10 Pabst Mansion

  2. vernmotz

    Good show awful music

  3. havocproltd

    now i understand why wisconsinites are the most-traveled people on earth! i’ve lived here for 25 + years (born on the other side of the cheese curtain ) and in my travels worldwide i am constantly running into people from wisconsin! hell! there’s a bar in ft lauderdale called Slackers. go there for a packer game and you’ll see us: brookfield, mequon, menomonee falls, beloit, appleton, germantown ( BIG escapees, g-towners! ) that bumper sticker should have said, “ESCAPE FROM WISCONSIN”
    that said, we’ve really enjoyed living here. we raised our kids in an environment suited to our beliefs ( gun toting capitalism! ) and seriously look forward to moving to our retirement home in florida!!!

    1. BADGUY 1

      Keep Florida…TOO Hot…TOO MOIST…TOO many hurricanes…TOO many crooks.

    2. Tina San

      Don’t forget that nasty “Red Tide”…..Hope you aren’t having to deal with that!

  4. LilyLou 7

    Milwaukee County Zoo and Milwaukee Public Museum are legit my childhood

    1. Tina San

      I grew up in Milwaukee in the 60’s. I remember visiting the “Streets of Old Milwaukee” at the Milw County Museum. We loved it! Most of this stuff was built after I moved away in 1978.

  5. JMR 13

    I was surprised when i went to Milwaukee. I had a conference i had to go to. I really did not want to go. They have great food! Everywhere i ate was great. Even the hotel luncheon chicken for 600 people. Enjoyed the Harley museum, Marquette Univ. and a street fair.

  6. Barney Rubble

    Harley museum sucks. Just has fat people motorcycles that are junk and noisy as hell.

  7. Master ps kid

    milwaukee has sky skrapers. but why is it not a tourist area?

    1. Emma Anthony

      Master ps kid no we don’t really have “skyscrapers” are tallest building is 601 ft…

  8. BADGUY 1

    I’ve lived overseas and many cities in the USA. I like Milwaukee the best!

  9. Наталья Наталья


  10. The Realest Queen Here

    I didnt know ppl still went to our state

  11. Rock Star

    There’s no pussy in Wisconsin it sucks and it’s epic fail