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Big Horn Mine Hike in Wrightwood

Hiking to Big Horn Mine is one of my favorite short hikes in the Southern California area. The hike leaves from Vincent Gap and then hugs the mountainside as it takes you over to an old gold mine. Along the way, you can stop and see Vincent’s Cabin if you would like as well (download an AllTrails track for this). Please be sure to clean up your trash if you go and let me know what your favorite hikes is in the comments.

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80 Thoughts to “Big Horn Mine Hike in Wrightwood”

  1. Rainier Reyes

    I miss going this place while i was still a kid

  2. Rainier Reyes

    1st like & 1st comment☺️

    1. California Through My Lens

      You are fast!

    2. ITGuyUSARoadtrip

      congrats… the first…

  3. Javier Guerra

    I’m watching your great content from El Salvador. I know that there are lots of Salvadoran people living in California, I hope someday I have the chance to visit that magical place as well! ?

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thanks for watching! I would love to visit El Salvador someday as well, Coatepeque Caldera has always looked so beautiful.

    2. Javier Guerra

      @California Through My Lens That would be awesome! Certainly the Coatepeque Caldera attract lots of tourists from all over the world, you’re more than welcome to come!!

  4. Snooch tv

    Dude that place looks awesome! Nice video! Hopefully I can go there one day and get some footage for my own channel it looks really fun!

    1. California Through My Lens

      You would enjoy it, its a cool spot to explore with lots of unique history as well.

    2. Snooch tv

      @California Through My Lens yeah man that looks awesome! You did a really good job on the video.

  5. Justins_Lens

    I really wish you didn’t even mention the cabin, the only reason why it’s lasted as long as it has, is because it’s hidden. Hurts seeing it tagged up.

    1. California Through My Lens

      I went back and forth on this and that is why I didn’t show the trail spur to get to it so that people had to do a little research at least to find it. When I got there and saw tagging on the inside and outside of the cabin I figured that one of the best things to do was to get people who care about places like this out there seeing it and wanting to preserve it. I hope that the people that follow my channel are those types of people.

    2. The Love Alchemist Austin

      its hard to find though,, i found it on accident and i go all the time alone but i totally agree,, its like our little treasure chest and if your not going to respect it dont mess it up for the ones who do.

    3. jessehenandez

      Sometimes, I really wish a mountain lion/pack of coyotes would run into those people.

  6. Canal Da Playlist

    I’m Brazilian, I found your channel by chance and I’m loving the videos and the places, they are amazing. Conveys a very good energy.

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thanks so much, I really appreciate it

  7. Chris Cullen

    Great video as always. I’m glad you showed the cabin, which I will check out next time I go. Also thank you for mentioning proper trail ethics; I did this trail in the spring and was shocked to see people camping right by the gate ??‍♂️

  8. ITGuyUSARoadtrip

    thanks for your useful trail information. appreciate it.

  9. Violet BF

    Thanks for another great video, and thank you for the message at the end. You’re totally awesome!

    1. California Through My Lens

      No problem, thanks for all the support!

  10. Merle Stadnyk

    Good stuff Josh. Watch all your videos. My favorite is they are not very long but you show us enough. Our attention spans are short nowadays!

  11. Wandering Asian

    Love watching your videos and seeing all the different places in California. Being from the Midwest I don’t know if I’ll get to make it to California till I retire so it’s great to see all the different places you show us.

  12. Strictly Plinking & Outdoors

    Good stuff and channel!

  13. CJ Pham

    Great video. I don’t understand what these idiots get out of tagging stuff especially in nature. Leave it the way you found it.

  14. KM Merry

    Seeing Mt. Baldy from a different view- what a blessing. Such great history of this lovely valley & forest.

  15. Lynn Ferguson

    Hi guys, you have the best job in the world! The beautiful sights you see and the cool places you go. My dream job lol. love it all soo much. Thank you for bringing it to us.When I finally get out to California, I want to go to all these places.

  16. 221 Magz

    The cabin has been destroyed lol

  17. Keith Johnson

    Too bad taggers aren’t ‘vaporized’ instantly.

  18. Cary Rodda

    I appreciated your special message at the end. As your video went on, I kept finding myself dismayed by the rude people who chose to deface public space like that just so they could put their little scrawl on it.

  19. Oli Sch

    That was another great video you guys are the best and you’re right about the graffiti and trash it sucks how many people don’t care

  20. Kliche travels

    Makes one think how secure the San Bernardino national forest is? Take a look at others and they are well Preserved but unfortunately it seems like the mountains wrapping around San Bernardino and Los Angeles aren’t takin seriously. I guess it’s up to the community to try and maintain it.

  21. Robert Ramirez

    Just moved back to my home state california and watching this channel is definitely gonna be my guide to hiking places I never knew existed. Thank you.

  22. PA_ Hyker

    Could never understand why people even carry spray paint . Great video though ??

    1. Mike Holmes

      A can of beer over a can of spray paint any day.

  23. La Cherada en la usa

    ???buenas caminatas ,nice place to be ,thanks for the advice about the GPS.

  24. jessehenandez

    I’d love to see a video of the Baden-Powell Summit hike if you have ever been. Also its a shame to see all that graffiti. I get embarrassed as a Californian myself to see what gets done to our trails. But thanks for spreading awareness!

  25. Happy Pheet Photography Randy Wiley

    That was really cool. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Ed Rowinzky

    I Love California.

  27. Cindy Hewatt

    Another beautiful place, especially love this video ‘s message, great job!

  28. The Love Alchemist Austin

    wear bug spray A LOT of bug spray and if your allergic to bees bring an epipen or benadryl, but seriously its a lot of bees an if u choose to go all the way down be careful it could be a bear or big horn sheep or a deer down there,, bring lots of water and trail mix

  29. Jeffrey Vasquez

    Sad, stupid punks who do that!

  30. Kim Schaefer

    So much graffiti, what a shame.

  31. Sandra Sandoval

    Hi, I love you videos!!!!

  32. Lulu V

    A lot of graffiti throughout that hike. Teenagers and nature don’t mix

    1. FS Photographic

      Sadly it’s not just teens doing the graffiti. I have seen people in their late 20s and 30s tagging up places. Some believe that what they do is art and is making the area look better. Some others are trying to leave a marking of themselves. The whole thing is sad.

  33. alex sandoval

    Did this hike back in 2017. Only we went in to explore the mine. Super dangerous in there. You can easily get lost with all the turns. In some places dropoffs of 30 feet into holes. Im sorry to see all that stupid graffiti. Humans destroy anything they touch.

  34. Vocha Alloy

    Looks like a nice hike to a bit of history, sad about the graffiti,. Happy to see Amie back . Great job you two.

  35. Jaime

    Hi Josh! Unfortunately, the audience you have here at Youtube are like-minded and not the folks who spray paint and deface our beautiful California. Damn those people!! Thanks for the video, it was well done.

    1. Vee Cee

      Stephen Chambers Sometimes it’s a sad world we live in, where some people think it’s “fun” to destroy beauty.

  36. Mark Russell

    Ban spray paint in cans…Seriously

  37. Oliver JH

    How could people not respect such a beautiful landscape ?

  38. Lone Pine

    Full of trash seems to be getting more commonplace in California. It’s about time someone took a stand and got rid of this liberal ‘anything goes’ mindset . Vote red California

  39. Mr. Elastomeric1

    Fantastic footage; perfect Rise and Shine hike.

  40. thizzle91

    Just got back from trail of 100 giants and there was trash everywhere. I picked up my backpack full of trash and as well as a trash bag. People can be disgusting.

  41. Cody Leon

    Just got back from Santa Cruz Island after watching your video I had to take a weekend out, this one is definitely on the list! Thanks for all the content

  42. mexighosthunter 86

    after seeing …”dont go in death ” on that mine entrance i decided not to go afterall??‍♂️?

    1. Mrsandmom5

      Well it shouldn’t even be plastered on this site. People have no respect for anything. That graffiti is made by dumb stupid animals.

    2. mexighosthunter 86

      @Mrsandmom5 i agree

  43. vaibhav jain

    Amazing video Josh. California is beautiful.

  44. kenny cadarett

    gps coordinates for this we can go with some buckets to clean up the trash

  45. Big O

    It is definitely beautiful country! The scenery was outstanding! Thumbs up from Kingsport, Tn!

  46. Vee Cee

    Thank you for your wonderful videos. Have fun in Montana!

  47. glevideo

    I used to frequently take that hike to the mine back in the late 1970s. There was no graphiti then. None at all. The entrance was open and I’ve hiked through much of the mine. Some of the old rail cars are still inside. There are rickety wooden ladders that lead up to upper levels and down to lower levels of the mine. Some of the quartz veins are very visible and with a little digging one could probably still extract a little gold from them. The trail washouts look the same as they did back in those days. We never needed a permit to park there so that must be some new enforcement.

  48. FS Photographic

    A side note on the graffiti. Be careful if you see anyone tagging up anything on a trail. Trying to stop them or explain why it is wrong can anger them. There has been LA news reports on people get hurt by trying to stop tagger. It’s best to move on. Remember there’s little to no cellphone service in the mountains.

  49. Mari Garza

    Thank you for another great video!!!
    It’s sad to see graffiti anywhere!!!

  50. Michael Neanor

    Great video as always. So many weekend trips planned for my wife and I. Disgusting that some hikes people feel it’s necessary to litter/graffiti. We all want to see real California! Thank you once again!

  51. Jimini ohler

    What time of year was this?

  52. HYOH-WU

    Very cool video. I like the hike and like the old mine. Who has the energy to go hike and graffiti? Weird

  53. Ramon Lerma

    Enjoyed watching your video. I know graffiti is so annoying and can really mess up many photo opportunities.

  54. Ian Mandel

    Great Vid Josh!!! its too bad about the Riff Raff

  55. Donald Millares

    Can you park with an America is Beautiful Pass?!

  56. ralphy199

    By posting all these areas and how to get them you are part of the problem why these places are getting vandalized. Now a days it s all about likes??

  57. Michael Armenta Sr.

    Dude, you’re preaching to the choir about the graffiti and trash. If we are watching your video, we are most likely fellow hikers, that enjoy the beauty of nature, just like yourself. Skip the public service announcements. Other than that, cool video.

  58. Kirby Hays

    Great message at the end!

  59. Ernesto Sanchez

    Love your content bro

  60. MacLancasterMusic

    Why would you deface nature? Like writing your name on a fallen log makes you any more important… it’s absolutely disgusting.

  61. Johnny Utah

    Oh wow, oxygen wasters graffitied not only the signs but even the cabin…and the mine…and the trees.. and the rocks!

  62. Zachary Applegate

    Where is Kirby?

  63. James B

    *Complains about graffiti, trash, high traffic on trails

    *Has youtube channel that blows up hikes and nature spots all around California

    I’ve hiked around Socal for the last 20 years and have personally witnessed the rapid destruction of many of my favorite spots within the last 4-5 years. The rise of social media has clearly played a massive part in it. YOU are part of the problem.