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Big Sur: 8 Things to do on a Highway 1 Road Trip – Shop Local

Big Sur is one of the most amazing places in California and one of the most spectacular coastlines in the United States. I always love getting the chance to explore it and with summer right around the corner, I figured people would be planning their own Big Sur road trip and so I wanted to share a few of my favorite spots.

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Limekiln Video –
Partington Cove Video –
Pfeiffer Beach Video –
Point Sur Lighthouse Video –

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Big Sur: 8 Things to do on a Highway 1 Road Trip  - Buy American

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18 Thoughts to “Big Sur: 8 Things to do on a Highway 1 Road Trip – Shop Local”

  1. Chilezen

    Thank you! Looking forward to a trip out there with these tips 🙂

  2. Violet BF

    Thank you for the recommendations Josh. Road trips are my favorite thing to do. Awesome video as always.

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thanks for the comment, always appreciate your feedback! I agree, road trips are one of my favorite things to do!

  3. NMTW6

    The bridge looks like it’s made out of popsicle sticks LOL

    1. California Through My Lens

      haha I can see that

  4. Genaro Vaz

    Great vídeo. I’ve been to California last year and saw your videos for the road trip. Thank you

    1. California Through My Lens

      So awesome, glad you had a good road trip!

  5. Oli Sch

    I actually want to go to Big Sur this summer I’d like to take me to my fiancé with meAnd explore the coastline another fantastic video from the both of you👌

    1. California Through My Lens

      It is such an amazing place to visit, it can get busy in the summer though so know that going in.

  6. ilostmynugget m

    Perfect timing! I’m planning a Big Sur road trip! 😊

    1. California Through My Lens

      Awesome! It’s such an amazing spot

  7. Heidi Coz

    Wowww amazing looking forward to go this coming holyday

  8. Rolo

    At the risk of blowing the spot up……you missed the calla lily valley!

  9. WingChunBoyz

    Absolutely love this video! One of the most chill and beautiful places in CA. People are so friendly. Looking forward to going back and taking that drive down Highway 1.

  10. Sweet V's Shenanigans

    Because of your channel I did the highway 1 roadtrip from Huntington Beach to San Francisco for my birthday last year. We spent 3 days exploring Big Sur and Monterrey and I absolutely fell in love with this place. Unfortunately it was cloudy and cold but nonetheless still breathtaking! Because of you it is that I got the idea that is why I say you were responsible for me having the BEST birthday ever! Ily guys!

  11. Allen Gray

    I have only made it to California once, but I love the state! I wish I had made it to Big Sur. Maybe someday. Great video!

  12. Jose Bañales

    I have been in Big Sur twice. It’s so beautiful. Definitely need a few days to enjoy and explore it. The drive is breathtaking all the way. Thanks for sharing such a awesome video and well done.

  13. Victory Vijay

    I had a great time crossing Bixby bridge and stopover at a motel in Big Sur with my brother who surprised me to go on road trip from SFO to LA via Route 101 driving on the greatest scenic views in the world! 🤗

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