Can a Burger Actually Be Good For You? – Buy American!

Can a Burger Actually Be Good For You? Shop Local & Buy American This Season!
Ground heart and liver make NYC’s most nutrient-dense burger. This week on The Meat Show, resident carnivore Nick Solares visits Marco Canora at Hearth, his East Village restaurant for an inside look the the “Variety Burger.”

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26 Thoughts to “Can a Burger Actually Be Good For You? – Buy American!”

  1. Nassim Perez

    What’s up, yo@ It’s Everything I Hoped Fos! influence wail What’s your opinion about tlat !!!

  2. wojthhh

    a question for the host of the show: once you start dying from colon cancer, can you please do an episode about it for Eater? i mean it seems pretty fair since you promote a 100% grilled/fried meat diet…

  3. John Smith

    Humans have eaten offal as a staple for tens of thousands of years…. likely more.

    Suddenly, socially speaking, various types of grass were claimed to give eternal life…. they didnt.

    Good to see the meat powerhouse of offal is being recognised…. although its been done before, Fergus Henderson comes to mind.

    I’d eat there. And ask for extra.

  4. Javed Mohamed

    Hipster shit

  5. MusikAlltid

    It’s a pannbiff…

  6. Johannes Dimopoulos

    So the answer is definitely no.

  7. Paige Scates

    dude sounds just like dj vlad lol

  8. Pablo123456x

    Oh, so it´s made out of grass-fed-cows.Great, so the grease in it won´t clog my arteries then!

  9. Faisal09

    Nice Leica . 😉

  10. Val Stepanov

    Now when I’m watching this meat-series…I wanna cry…that’s the spirit!

  11. MJDHX

    Uh, without the bun … doesn’t that mean it’s just meatloaf?

    1. CAOcreations

      yup… but I guess a burger is nothing more than a heavy seared meatloaf sandwich.

  12. Fred S

    foo-gwa… ok that’s the weirdest accent I’ve ever heard from an Englishman

  13. bittertongue96 just made a high calorie burger..

  14. adam Hunter

    that sounds tasty as all hell!!! I am going to have to try making that my self!!

  15. Ted Barrera

    Healthy. Lol! So much cholesterol in this version of a burger! Bring it!

  16. wyldeman0O7

    Nutrient dense = fattening

  17. Ben7seven7

    Without the bun this isn’t a true burger.. This place is missing out if they don’t provide a bun option to go with it.

  18. Supergoraw

    More like a big goo of cholesterol

  19. haroldfrogspawn

    I like how even the owner has to say that its the most nutrient dense burger in New York, not the best burger, not the tastiest burger, not the most cravable, but the most nutrient dense. If I want to eat a nice healthy meal I won’t eat some weird bunless burger covered in melted cheese.

  20. Ryan Liu

    Tf that’s not a burger

  21. Wade Nancy

    The grass has Hitler pesticides in it. Congrats.

  22. Brandon Wood

    So many retards in the comments that still think fat is bad for you lol, as if we didn’t evolve to eat it as part of an omnivorous diet over millions of years. Some people really are so ignorant.