Happy Thanksgiving From the International Space Station – American Engineering

Astronauts Alex Gerst of ESA and Serena Auñón-Chancellor of NASA wish you a happy Thanksgiving! On station, the crew will share a holiday meal of turkey, stuffing, candied yams and spicy pound cake, and call home to speak with loved ones on Earth.

Happy Thanksgiving From the International Space Station - Buy American

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25 Thoughts to “Happy Thanksgiving From the International Space Station – American Engineering”

  1. Ed Vickery

    Her hair just lacks the white streak.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. prasanna icm

    Yr brave sacrifice is counted. God bless u all!

  3. J D

    frauds, farce, joke, scam, hoax, liars.

  4. marisol reyes

    aah they cant have gravy because thats going to float xD

  5. Nature beauty

    Happy Thanksgiving from Finland just blink your lights when You are passing Kuopio, Finland:) You look very Happy 🙂

  6. Dominika

    Happy Thanksgiving guys up there!

  7. Eva Burnz

    wow I found this video somewhat mesmerizing, great idea NASA!

  8. Flat Earth Debunker

    They hanging upside down or what? Lol

  9. Flat Earth Debunker

    Why does she have a watch in space? Lol

  10. Yuri Finch

    Wish you all a lovely time today.

  11. Oscar ullivarri Jesùs Dìaz paleta

    buenisimo very good my from argentinian

  12. Daniel Romero

    Good Job, and the earth is not plane!!!!!!!!

  13. jijo john

    It looks great but it’s fake

  14. Ron Barnaby

    Why thank you. Belated a month and a half later. From a Canadian !

  15. charlie gaudino

    That’s probably the best Thanksgiving turkey ever. It’s Thanksgiving in a package!

  16. Cipher TheDemonLord

    Happy Thanksgiving NASA

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  18. Rogério Carvalho

    *Grande coisa…*

  19. me nkat

    Happy Thanksgiving From Music city, USA

  20. Gizmo Goose.

    What frequency range do you run your wireless mics at …to avoid cross talking or interference with all the electronic goodies in the Station!?!!