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Hiking Mt Tallac in South Lake Tahoe

Mount Tallac is one of the most popular trails in all of Lake Tahoe. It is easy to see why as it is a beautiful destination with insane views from the summit. The hike is 10 miles round trip with 3,000 feet of elevation and it is pretty tough so make sure you are prepared for it. Here is all the information if you want to see what the hike entails and you can read more at

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78 Thoughts to “Hiking Mt Tallac in South Lake Tahoe”

  1. cici199700 SonyaSunya

    I watched from the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan. I really like this video.

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thanks for watching from Thailand!

  2. ITGuyUSARoadtrip

    Thanks you so much sharing this location. Last time when I went to there I didn’t know about here that’s why I missed.. thanks again

    1. California Through My Lens

      No problem, always a reason to go back

  3. Steve Minor

    Thanks bro, I can’t wait to move back to cali….no place like in the world………

    1. California Through My Lens

      I agree, California is pretty amazing 🙂

  4. Heidi Coz

    Wowww amazing i will look forwars this coming thanksgiving holyday

    1. California Through My Lens

      Awesome! I am glad you get to visit the area.

  5. toshibavoodoo

    My dream location to retire too. Thanks will add to list, as I love to visit this wonderful part of America.

    1. California Through My Lens

      I would love to live there as well, it is such an amazing area.

    2. Anne Casillas

      I agree, Tahoe is heaven! ???

    3. Susan LaDuke

      Just returned to the east coast from this epic place. My daughter was just married there in a stunning outdoor location. Although I love my current location on the NJ shore, hopefully I’ll be retiring to the west coast within the next few years. The magical beauty is everywhere you turn.

    4. toshibavoodoo

      @Susan LaDuke very nice!

    5. Burnout

      @California Through My Lens Live on the Nevada side to save on taxes!

  6. Aaron Tru

    Of course you filmed this while I was following your other Lake Tahoe videos…of this was released a week sooner it would have been my hike for sure!!! Thanks for the great videos…I have followed your Palm Springs, Joshua tree, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, emerald bay videos and bishop/395 video to make my own adventures.

    1. California Through My Lens

      haha always a reason to go back! I am glad the videos have been helpful!

  7. Paul Wögerer

    Things to do before checking out:

    * Hike Mt Tallac

    1. California Through My Lens

      haha, its a good one to add to the list

  8. Aaron Tru

    That view is amazing!!!!!!

  9. Indra Kusuma Sejati

    Wonderful view landscape your shoot my friend. I love it. Have a nice weekend and see you again.

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thanks for the comment, it was a beautiful area for sure

  10. Junior Rodriguez

    I did this hike solo for my birthday a few weeks ago and the views were amazing !! You should look into hiking mt Rose next ??

    1. California Through My Lens

      So awesome, thanks for the tip I will have to check it out!

    2. Thomas Himes

      Yes. Mt. Rose gives you dramatic views of both Lake Tahoe, Reno, & Truckee. The distance is similar, but elevation gains are a bit less. Plus there is less shale to deal with than Mt. Tallac. But it’s technically in Nevada, so Josh would have to expand his Youtube channel geography, lol!

  11. Violet BF

    My adventurous side says “do it,” but my lazy side says “just watch the video again” lol
    Thanks for “taking” us along on this awesome hike Josh. It is amazingly beautiful! ??

    1. California Through My Lens

      haha it’s a tough one but it is amazing at the top!

    2. Violet BF

      California Through My Lens It does look beautiful.

  12. Johanna Sofia

    The views are just GORGEOUS! ❤️

  13. Nevada Hiker

    Legit one of the prettiest hikes in the Tahoe basin! The only other view of Tahoe that is comparable is East Peak, but you don’t get the great views of Emerald Bay and Fallen Leaf Lake, plus the amazing views of the Crystal Range (9:36 is a great example)! Tallac is the best!

  14. Mona Tuazon

    ohh i wanna do this hike too!! soo sooo beautiful!!! thank you for sharing ??

  15. Whoa Nellie RV Adventures

    I’m really enjoying your hiking videos! The views from Mt Tallac is epic!

  16. toshibavoodoo

    Looks like Floating island Lake Hike, has my name on it! USually drive through on a 20 hour, top-down road trip from San Fransisco to SaltLake. This will be a great place to hike at sunup with an Early AM Departure time from San Fransisco. LOVE IT!

  17. toshibavoodoo

    How is Cell Phone Service up the mountain?

    1. Dr. Octagon

      toshibavoodoo none

  18. Albert1975

    great hike, great views!

  19. Italionmex2015

    That view of Lake Tahoe at the summit. Wow!!!

  20. Story Time

    I visited Lake Tahoe twice but didn’t get to see good views or going for a hike because my wife is not a morning person and I have to wait until 1 pm for her to be ready. Unfortunately sometimes trips are terrible even if the visited places are awesome.

  21. so ft

    Just one more beautiful hiking video, thanks for sharing this ! 😉

  22. Senior Citizen Sue Goes Hiking

    What a hike! Beautiful! I will have to pass on that one. Thanks for showing us the views!

  23. Dr. Octagon

    One of the best hikes I’ve done. The 360 views are amazing.

  24. Hotfootedhiker Adventures

    Awesome memories. I Summited mt tallac 20 years ago

  25. Oliver JH

    Love to do that hike one day thanks for sharing great job ?

  26. TheOnceandFutureGeek

    Those are some amazing views! This was so cool to see, thanks for the great video!

  27. Ananza Hairston

    Loved this video, awesome views and I always love your content! It would be great if you included some time stamps throughout your hiking videos so that we can see how long each portion takes! I’m always interested to know how long it takes to get to each section from start to finish ?

    1. Thomas Himes

      Timing this hike will depend upon the individual. 2 mph is a reasonable estimate. But with breaks for food, water, & photos — plan on 6 hours minimum. You can see that even going down isn’t going to be much faster on the uneven terrain.

  28. Mollie Rose

    This is so nostalgic! My family used to camp at Fallen Lead Lake every summer and we often did this hike. Lovely video!

  29. Denise Holladay

    I’m dying…wish I could do this hike. How gorgeous. It has to be near impossible to find a spot anywhere around Lake Tahoe that isn’t stunning. Fell in love with the area. Truly beautiful!

  30. Vocha Alloy

    Awesome views. Thank you for taking us along

  31. LWL - Love Travel

    Very nice hike. You got a very good view. ??????

  32. Mayur Shah

    Hi Nice videos South lek…. ???????????

  33. Ian Mandel

    Wowzers! this Vid gave me goosebumbs !! The View at the top was Epic !! Amazing Vid !!

  34. Arsenio Frontela

    Great stuff thanks for sharing

  35. Adventuring Outdoors With Eric

    Really awesome video Josh! I’ve heard of this hike but I didn’t know it was that beautiful!! Great share brother!!

  36. G The Entity

    I think “floating island” can mean that it appears as if you’re looking at an island floating because you see the reflection of the land across the water as well as the sky right at your feet.

  37. Kawaii Nitro

    I want to go to California so bad

  38. iguillo

    Great vid Josh. I’ve never been to Lake Tahoe so, certainly looking forward to going in the near future.

  39. Herzlich Willkommen

    Wow what a fantastic scenery, great video and it seems like an amazing hiking tour. To bad that you guys are using this feet and mile bullshit, so that only Americans can understand what you’re talking about. 🙁
    Cheers from Germany 🙂

  40. david kingRAIDERS

    I’ve done that hike 3 times
    Once when I was really hung over too

    One time when I was hiking Tallac , when we passed Cathedral Lake I saw a wild turkey right by the trail and then we went up to the top, as we came back down from the top back down to Cathedral lake that wild turkey was still there in that exact same spot

    One thing this guy didn’t tell you is that when you pass by floating islands lake you better have on some mosquito repellent for sure

    1. twitch moments

      david kingRAIDERS yikes

  41. Erik E

    Love your videos. Go to Miami!! Need to see your review on it

  42. Evan Hilton

    I live in Tahoe, just finished a school trip to catalina island and my teacher showed your video in class! ?

  43. Владислав Майоров

    Dear friend! You have amazing videos. I am from Russia. My wife and I love watching your channel. Language I know badly. I use Google translate.

  44. Shelby Hutch

    Thank you for the content you make. I have traveled California more in 2019 than I have in my entire life and it all started with watching one of your videos at the end of 2018.

    1. California Through My Lens

      Best comment ever! So glad the videos got you to explore CA, that is my main reason for creating all of the content.

  45. Karla Rivera

    Hi there!!! we met yesterday hiking San Gorgonio! Keep it up!!!!

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thanks for the comment and nice to meet you!

  46. Kirby Hays

    I watched from the Tasman, New Zealand. I really like this video.

  47. Sara Paredez

    Blessed to call beautiful Tahoe my Tahome , did this hike with my husband it was beautiful and magical. If you ever get a chance to visit Tahoe I highly recommend it!! It’s a magical happy place that you’ll never want to forget and i promise you’ll come back for more visits. The tap water is heaven, no matter where you are in Tahoe north shore or south shore ever view is beautiful!! It’s starting to feel like fall and soon we will see every shade of autumn ?. Visit Tahoe ?always keep Tahoe blue!!

  48. Jerrod Walters

    Definitely don’t under estimate that hike…I’m telling you, definitely get there early!!! Watching from Tokyo, Japan!

  49. Wojciech Rolinski

    Nice lake view. I like it. Good day.

  50. Tom Heath

    wow josh that was quite the view ! thanks for taking us along

  51. Andy Bauer

    Dude! That looks amazing. Adding it to the list. Another great find, thanks! And that double sun flare was insane!