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Hiking San Gorgonio Peak via the Vivian Creek Trail

San Gorgonio Mountain is the tallest peak in Southern California, standing at over 11,500 feet. This hike is a tough one and it is 17 miles and climbs 5,400 feet in elevation. That being said, it is an amazing hike through a truly beautiful part of the state. I finally got a chance to do it at the end of September 2019, and made this video to show others what it looks like. If you want to hike it, make sure you train for it as it is a tough climb.


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57 Thoughts to “Hiking San Gorgonio Peak via the Vivian Creek Trail”

  1. karu franco

    your videos are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you

  2. Matt Miller

    Great video. This is an awesome hike. It’s getting busy from Vivian Falls.

    1. California Through My Lens

      It really is. I had heard that it was getting really popular and I passed a lot of people on the way up and down. It’s a tough hike to be so popular.

  3. Josephalfonso Amantia

    I am glad you visit all of the wilderness areas of Southern California Some people think that Southern California is just Los Angeles. I am up here in Northern California and I still just love seeing beautiful places in So. Cal.

    1. California Through My Lens

      So many great wilderness areas in SoCal but I think Northern California has the best wilderness areas!

  4. scarnohan

    Took that route a couple months ago and it was much tougher than I had expected. No acclimation before reaching altitude can wipe you out!

    1. California Through My Lens

      That is for sure true, it is a tough one.

  5. iguillo

    Great video Josh……………………………………..I still think I wouldn’t do this in a day. It would have to be a two-day trip for me. 😀

    1. California Through My Lens

      Two day is probably more enjoyable for sure haha

    2. Perfect in Ar-Zone

      I’d have to be there for a month to get all the way to the top and back down to the car. LOL

  6. Gary Morgan

    Hey Josh, I was wondering what kind of editing software you use. I’m thinking about starting a YouTube channel about sculpting. But I’m totally green on how to edit.

    1. California Through My Lens

      I use Final Cut Pro, but if you are just starting out then I would check out iMovie if you have a Mac, it is a great piece of software that will help you make videos and I used it for a long time before switching to Final Cut Pro.

    2. Gary Morgan

      Thank you so much Josh! Love your videos. Incredibly informative and beautifully shot! My wife and I watch and make a list of all the great places you show us and plan to visit! Thanks again!

  7. Homesick for Cali Army Wife

    I’m from So cal but I live in Texas right now. We are a military family and we move all over. I really love your videos but they make me homesick, hence my name, lol. Thank u for all your videos. It’s Amazing how many cool things there are to do in Cali!

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thanks for the comment, I agree California has so many amazing things to do! I bet there are some fun spots in Texas as well?

  8. jasonmhorton

    This was AWESOME! One of your best videos thus far. LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait to summit Gorgonio next year!

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thank you, that is very kind of you to say! It was a long hike and video so I am glad it was worth it.

  9. Vocha Alloy

    Very nice. Well done sir

    1. Vocha Alloy

      Have you walked any of the PCT?

  10. Violet BF

    Congratulations on this great accomplishment Josh! it looked like a really hard hike; so would you do it again??
    And great video, of course ?

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thank you! It was a tough one but it was worth it. I would do it again in like a few years haha but not high on the list since there are so many other great peaks around the area.

  11. Martha Izazaga

    Thank you, very nice video. This hike is in my bucket list. Can’t wait to hike it with my friends, Las Chingonas?

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thank you! Its a tough one but it is beautiful

  12. Snooch tv

    What a beautiful place! Nice vlog! Hopefully one day me and my wife can go there one day!

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thanks for watching, it was a beautiful area.

    1. California Through My Lens

      Basically no cell reception except for one or two spots on the trail.

  13. Zachary Applegate

    Kirby is my hero

    1. California Through My Lens

      The dab master showed up in the comments!

  14. OscarGonzoJim

    had no idea i lived so close to something like this

    1. Mr. Elastomeric1

      I wish I lived so close to this Christ live in the swamp opresive humidity and dew points in the 70’s

  15. CJ Pham

    Getting close to 100K subs keep it up!

  16. The People Of the Book!!

    how many hours did it take to finish this hike?

    1. Kliche travels

      If you start at 5am you can reach the top around 12, depending on your pace and how well prepared your legs are

  17. Kirby Hays

    Who hikes the same trail that many times? What a flipping idiot!

  18. anna sr7

    Wonderful scenery! ??

  19. Helenas video road

    Great video road ‼️?

  20. kenny cadarett

    do you bring powdered gator ade to mix up when you need it

  21. kenny cadarett

    go to the good will to get a long sleeve shirt like $7 take off the t-shirt and put the dress shirt on it’s like having nothing on but protects you from the sun real light button every other button lets the breeze cool you off try it

  22. That Photo Guy

    I was winded and sweaty just watching this hike

  23. Michael Armenta Sr.

    Dude, that had me huffing and puffing, good job.

  24. KM Merry

    Spectacular. Loving our So. Cal.

  25. Chris Cullen

    Whoa Josh, nice work man! Super impressed… love all your videos – they have inspired and informed many of my own adventures!

  26. Warren Chu

    Thirty years ago I let my friend Steve Dowling talk me into hiking it. We got to the trailhead at 1 pm and didn’t make it back until 10 pm.  🙁

  27. Kliche travels

    Completed this hike 2 times in 2018! The views are great but the hike sucks when you come to realization that the walk down is a mission

  28. Julie H

    That looks like a brutal hike! Congratulations! I can’t believe you are going to do the Rim to Rim too! Can’t wait to see that video! What a great video of the hike. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Ashwin Vasavada

    Josh – really enjoying your vlogs of all kinds of adventures, but hikes are my fave. That is is a beast of a hike! Congrats, man! I’ve only done it once as an overnight. Thanks for taking us all along and giving me some great ideas for new adventures.

  30. Justin Nelson

    Trail was awesome looking! But on another note, that sandwich looked good af ??

  31. Kawaii Nitro

    Cheapest cities to move near LA would be a cool list video

    1. Kirby Hays

      Kawaii Nitro you should move to Hemet!

  32. CK

    Appreciate what you do. Amazing scenery unexpected in SoCal

  33. Mr. Elastomeric1

    Have you ever done that hike after a down pour??

  34. Lorenz T

    Can’t wait to sign that registry form on a winter hike, camping on the summit!

  35. Dale Emery

    I have done this hike 3 times in the last year but only made it to the summit 2 of those as the good old altitude got to me on one of them. Great hike to prep for Whitney

  36. Our National Adventure

    Fantastic! Such beautiful views.