How Will NASA’s InSight Spacecraft Land on Mars? – American Engineering

When NASA’s InSight descends to the Red Planet on Nov. 26, 2018, it’s guaranteed to be a white-knuckle event. Rob Manning, chief engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explains the critical steps that must happen in perfect sequence to get the robotic lander safely to the surface.

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How Will NASA's InSight Spacecraft Land on Mars? - Buy American

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25 Thoughts to “How Will NASA’s InSight Spacecraft Land on Mars? – American Engineering”

  1. Super Nova

    NASA is being watched by people all over the world. Using metric units might be insightful.

  2. 목정근


    What Happens when Shoot Arrow in Space?

    ( distance ? accuracy ? assume for skilled Archer – if not possible any technological supplement to help it work like razer or any electric ? magnetic force ? )

    Only NASA could Answer with experiments and proofs I think.
    Thank You for reading and hope you make good documentary about this ?

  3. Omar Ahmed A-omar

    Unfortunately we did not get proper authorization and paperwork so the rover has been met with border patrol wielding weapons and tear gas as we ar there illegally

  4. V3nta guy

    I dont want People that are angry or something but we deserved the right to know about live thats not from our planet. And the ufo’s or the vril-society or the Haunebu ufo’s

  5. V3nta guy

    But i hope you guys wil land good and dont have acident

  6. V3nta guy

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  7. V3nta guy

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  8. V3nta guy

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  9. Spanky Harland

    in essence, in order to land that thing on Mars, you have to litter the landscape with space junk….that is very thoughtful…who will clean up that mess ? 🙂 can you imagine if we landed like that on a populated planet- the occupants would be pretty pissed.

  10. Jean-Félix Duivon

    What is the name of the music video please ??

  11. Theo

    Watching this after the successful landing, congrats to all of you for building us a better future!

  12. Matthew Piasecki

    1:25 wait…?? Mars has air?

  13. Crypto Lord

    When you do things like this later show the people what you saw pictures videos.

  14. Arc Kocsog

    Where’s your stream?

  15. Arc Kocsog

    And use metric pls. We are not in the Middle Ages.

  16. Wansaby Vampune

    the dramatic music is really annoying…

  17. Bigtexnick

    Wow. That whole process sounds super complex.

  18. SÓ AS DOIDAS !

    Só eu de” BR”?
    Alguém kskkskskaksks ,
    Sla derrepente comecei a gostar de ciências , e agora quando eu crescer quero ser astronauta .

  19. SÓ AS DOIDAS !

    Não entendo inglês , não entendi foi é nada q esse cara falou , mais mesmo assim vou continuar a gostar disso ?* CIÊNCIA*. AFF.

  20. John LingLing

    Legend says it took less than a second for this video to be uploaded from humane labs…

  21. Adrian Mayki Moraes

    Sou Brasileiro, Amo Muito A NASA, Meu Sonho É Trabalhar Com Eles, Conviver Com Astronautas, Trabalhar Na NASA, E Presenciar Os Graciosos Lançamentos, I LOVE YOU NASA ❤❤