InSight Mars Mission’s Road to Launch: Countdown to T-Zero – American Engineering

On Monday, Nov. 26, 2018, our InSight spacecraft is set to land on Mars: . This new documentary from NASA Launch Services follows InSight’s road to launch earlier this year & May 5, 2018 liftoff from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California.

InSight Mars Mission's Road to Launch: Countdown to T-Zero - Buy American

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25 Thoughts to “InSight Mars Mission’s Road to Launch: Countdown to T-Zero – American Engineering”

  1. mike bellamy

    Does anyone know how much we’ll see of the landing. Will there be any footage or have I just been watching too much sci-fi?!?

  2. **creamy Cream :3 **

    I wonder what’s gonna happen! I am a child, so I’m a little scared what’s gonna happen
    Hope NASA can let all humans to Mars.

  3. Krid Adounsattapong

    ♓Pints me a list , and tell me who to collect it

  4. Shivam Prasad

    7:14 it should be Mars atmosphere

  5. Elias Puolakka

    Lmao the dummies at Ula can’t even build their own rockets.

  6. Dobre Marian


    Cineva sa imi explice si mie, cum poate un obiect fizic sa ajunga pe lună sau în cosmos sau mai bine spus cum poate un obiect fizic sa treaca de ionosfera pământului și să o depășească, pătrunzand în cosmos. Gândiți-vă că este imposibil, pentru că orice obiect fizic se topește atunci când se apropie de ionosferă. Din acest motiv, nici o cometă nu poate atinge suprafața pământului și se topește, există o bombardare fantastică a ionilor, a protonilor și a electronilor acolo. Fizicienii știu acest lucru, dar suntem minți de masoni și iluminați. Deci, gândind logic, nici un obiect, nici o rachetă nu poate intra în cosmos, nici un om nu a pășit niciodată pe lună, nici un robot nu a ajuns pe lună sau pe marte, de altfel nici un un OZN nu poate ajunge pe pamant, iar extraterestrii nu vom intalni niciodata, da statia spatiala internationala poate exista, deoarece nu depaseste ionosfera. Opriți minciuna, oamenii trebuie să se trezeasca numai traiti in fantezii false, suntem blocați aici. Ionosfera se află în intervalul de la 60 la 400 km. altitudine.


    Somebody also explain to me how a physical object can reach the moon or the cosmos or better say how a physical object can pass the ionosphere of the earth and overcome it by penetrating into the cosmos. Think of it is impossible, because any physical object melts when it approaches the ionosphere. Because of this, no comet can touch the surface of earth and melts down, there’s a fantastic bombardment of ions, protons, and electrons. Physicists know this, but we are lied to the Masons and enlightened. So, thinking logically, no object, no rocket can enter the cosmos, no man has ever stepped on the moon, no robot has reached the moon or mars, otherwise no UFO can reach the ground, and the aliens will never meet, yes, the international space station may exist because it does not exceed the ionosphere. Stop lying the world and people must weak up, no longer live in false fantasies, we are blocked here. The ionosphere is in between 60 – 400 km. altitude.

  7. Esmerald Dedushaj

    This is so cool!

  8. Rezkel

    Hope it doesn’t crash on monday

  9. J

    Wow the cancellations three of them I believe you have made NASA look second-rate therefore making America look second-rate I can tell you this I dont believe NASA Administration deserves to hold that position don’t make no promises that you can’t keep ever again

  10. Mega YouTube Fan

    The quote at the beginning? BEAUTIFUL.

    16 hours away from touchdown. Heart is pounding!! You guys should be remarkably proud of yourselves! PLEASE don’t screw this up, as you did with the Mars Climate Orbiter!! 😀

  11. Aman Karmacharya

    Man they could have called the cubesats Marco and Polo. I am disappointed.

  12. Ese Callum

    Why dont the morons at NASA send a automated microscope to Mars to look for life instead of fuckimg around with analysis of assorted gas mixtures??

  13. Fayez Tannous

    so excited to land on mars..

  14. Synday

    6:17 Russian Powerhouse

  15. Alena Rivera

    i watched the land in my class it tooke them 6 months i think to land idk but yea im a child btw

  16. doot doot

    It’s believable. Can’t wait to see the real footage!

  17. ImperialGamer

    Try not to leave Mark Watney behind this time ?

  18. Андрей Нижников

    Блядь, столько дорогущей хуйни! Лучше б хавчик и зимние шмотки по улицам разбрасывали по всему миру! :)))))))))

  19. Omid Rastin

    It should be on july 2019.

    why not they have build all modules already.

  20. Alien

    Where can I find myself and InSight shirt? not one of these knock-offs but a genuine one.

  21. Jim Watson

    I never liked depending on the Russians for space transportation. Hopefully, soon we will have American equipment again. In my opinion, our foolish complacency leaves us wide open to blackmail. Our astronauts ride on a vehicle that is still basically Sergei Korolev’s 1957 vintage R-7 ICBM. If our relationship with Russia suddenly tanked, how would we get our people off the ISS if we had to? We built great engines like the LR-79, F-1, J-2 and RL-10 decades ago. What became of American know how? Has it been swallowed up by NASA politics and bureaucracy?

  22. robsvids

    I uploaded a video of the launch from my driveway the morning it left. It was great to finally watch the team confirm successful landing yesterday after a 6th month journey!

  23. Milton Roy

    I wish for the day when interplanetary launches will be a regular thing.

  24. Dallama 034

    Going to the new future…
    *NASA Mars S Corporation*