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You have to start somewhere when looking for life away from Earth. Many #NASAExplorers look for places with water ice, including distant moons like Enceladus and Europa. This week, we’re traveling away from our home planet to investigate ice in the solar system.

NASA Explorers: Frozen World - Buy American

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26 Thoughts to “NASA Explorers: Frozen World – American Engineering”

  1. Adhik Joshi

    Can any one tell me how can i join NASA ?

  2. Mc Muffin

    This nerdy girl turned me off

  3. Crazy Plays Roblox

    How can there be liquid water ocean if the sun is too far doesn’t make sense from a logical point of view. Is the gas giant acting like the sun and giving heat or what cause I don’t believe this just saying.

    1. Scott Meyer

      No the intense gravity of Jupiter flexes the moon as it orbits. That generates the heat needed.

  4. Grey_Gandalf

    Drill into europa lets find life and what that means

  5. Hi Hikikomori

    YEA YEA all great and interesting, But probably Never will happen cause of our suicide behavior. Let ‘ s make the same editing videos for GW/CC, it would be better. And launch the aerosol satellite for Earth . for the Mother of God…


    chutiya sala


  7. roman reign

    Nasa i have one question from you god is in real or its just a emagnisation please must reply ( i love space )

  8. Kapten Jan

    Can’t they send probes in space with DNA?

  9. kaare

    This feels like an inconsistent series.

  10. Ismael Pereira

    That woman is so funny hahahahah

  11. cakepie

    *_*laughs in flex tape*_*


    i always wanted to become person like Dr.Morgan or Chris Hadfield but my brain wasn’t ready.

  13. Müjde Örnek

    Hiç bir şey anlayamıyorum ?

  14. Mariah

    imagine if they did find other human life on another planet. our lives would be changed ud turn on the news and instead of politicians talking about countries theyd be speaking about Worlds!

  15. Alex_Rocks_101

    Yeah NASA! Let’s go! I want to be a part of NASA, it’d be so fun!

  16. Jakubs Szadura

    I love the icy moons in the solar system like Enceladus and Europa, there pretty interesting and so is Titan

  17. Ruth Dittmann

    The music could be better!
    Sorry, not good!?
    Good little docu! Well done!?????

  18. pl capeli

    NASA has been sequestering the most important revelations about life in the universe surveillance of their programs by other civilizations, and complete knowledge of the history of extraterrestrial outposts structures and craft on the earths moon

    as such they are the enemy of knowledge and humanity, of human growth and maturity, preferring to fulfill the agenda of psychotic fascists who have hijacked america , than their duty to the human family and the future. history will be unkind to you

    nasa could lead a gentle charge toward some sort of disclosure, instead of acting like devoted party fascists

    their behavior is disgusting

  19. Willy

    Next stop, Venus? I’m calling it!? ?

  20. Vapor Wave - sama

    I sometimes think there are people that are subscribed to this channel for just to give them dislike when they upload a video.