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#NASAExplorers study Earth’s glaciers and ice sheets more than almost any other part of the cryosphere. As they melt and change, glaciers and ice sheets dramatically affect sea level rise and the climate system as a whole, creating an urgency to understand and forecast their behavior.

NASA Explorers: Glacial Pace - Buy American

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35 Thoughts to “NASA Explorers: Glacial Pace – American Engineering”

  1. Gamil gemil

    We wanna areab lunguage

  2. Nifty Willy

    I heard that voice before

  3. Aghilan Mayan

    The Intro Music ohh man i love it………..!!!!!!!!!!!wowwwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. VelonG Vela

    Subtitulos en español e ingles por favor, para aquellas personas que no conocen muy bien el Ingles y podamos saber que estan diciendo.
    A latinoamerica tambien le importa esto.
    Subtitulos en ingles y español please.
    Help me

  5. Дмитрий Романов

    Some morons think, that antarctica is closed any heavely guarded by…. I dunno… specail forces. LOL.

    1. Steve Corr

      Дмитрий Романов
      Those morons have a name, they’re called flatards. ?

    2. Дмитрий Романов

      +Steve Corr sure thing!

    3. Damn Pineapples

      Armourized penguin troops or something xD

  6. Randyp2014

    Great work with the series. Its great to see NASA getting back out there to teach people.

  7. bobc4d

    nice video and good thing Josh has a day job

    1. Josh Willis

      I’m available for parties… 😉

  8. Amanda Rensoli

    I love NASA but ya really failed the Mission with the Intro

  9. sabir -_the-_Dark-_

    I want to go to space
    This is my only dream ?

  10. Felipe Filgueiras

    Please, how can i visit NASA?

  11. kgino1045

    no… just no.. nasa why are you try to be elvis

  12. Girish Nair

    What a top most fundamental climate that might be answer detaily and who would like ??

  13. South Bronx, NY

    Can’t trust government paid workers… has been proven to be bias in its results….shame.

    1. Steve Corr

      South Bronx, NY
      And corporate employees are never biased?
      Where has it been proven?
      Links please?
      I’m not saying it never happens, I mean climate change shouldn’t be political but it does seem to be, regardless of politics it is happening though.


    So the military bases are still there to not let anyone know the truth ? The Earth is flat , nasa is digging in our pockets

    1. Steve Corr

      Not true, why don’t you apply for a job there?

    2. Damn Pineapples

      There are frickin tourist tours to your imaginary ice wall. Just go book one- if you can afford it. Or get a job; not just any job, but one as a climate scientist. Then you get PAID to go there.


      So i have to pay to visit my earthly world? Wow just wow

    4. Damn Pineapples

      +OBF PRODUCTIONS wtf did you expect? It’s a fucking tourist industry. *INDUSTRY* hinting at the fact they want to make *MONEY* .

  15. Beryl Firdaus


  16. Jitendra kumar Prasad

    lovely nasa space and science joob very nice

  17. Thanh Nguyen Huy

    when nasa go to mars

  18. b1aflatoxin

    OMG! Delicious data! 😉

  19. Larry Whittington

    Ty for the likes!!!??
    Godspeed Sincerely
    From: LarryWhittington

  20. Sin curvatura No vives en una esfera!!

    Jajajajajajaja disney for adult!!!! “Fantastic history”

  21. FE: Marcel H.E.S.S

    Tell the truth

  22. Ryan Sawhill Aroha

    This series is so awesome! Thank you NASA!!