Northrop Grumman CRS-10 Mission to the Space Station: What’s On Board? – American Engineering

A “Refabricator” for sustainable ♻ in-space manufacturing and a multifunctional cell culture platform or “lab-on-a-chip” are just some of the science investigations heading to the International Space Station. They’re on board Northrop Grumman’s Cygnus resupply flight 10 (CRS-10), launching in mid-November on the Antares rocket from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. More:

Northrop Grumman CRS-10 Mission to the Space Station: What's On Board? - Buy American

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29 Thoughts to “Northrop Grumman CRS-10 Mission to the Space Station: What’s On Board? – American Engineering”

  1. Anshul basketball lovr

    Fab and NASA daliy grow up that’s gud

  2. Gov CheeseBurger

    CRS 10 was last year on a Space X.
    Never mind, I see NASA likes to reuse acronyms.
    3rd Edit. Should the title be NG-10?

    1. bremda miller

      No CRS stands for commercial resupply services so both SpaceX and Orbital ATK which is now NG is under that CRS program so they both fly using CRS + the number of resupply missions they have done.

  3. Lyd Sylver

    envoyer des micros engins sur les planètes du soleil nous feras voir ce qu’il s’y cache.
    nous sommes dans l’espace comme des pointures …

  4. Lyd Sylver

    vous pensez que l’Homme sait la vitesse de la vitesse.

  5. H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X

    Very sweet

  6. Nome Vengas Con Vergadas Kabron

    oumuama and the mona lisa on the moon

  7. Gatox

    Im doing mechanical engg can i have a chance to become astronaut…if i have can u tell me the steps im a great aspirant of it.

    1. world madness

      when you go to space you never come back

  8. M4ycon crazy

    Eu sou um brasileiro de 14 anos e sou fanático pela NASA e eu queria que vcs me desse uma chance de ir até ai

  9. Francis Kaplan

    is MISSE-10 included in this launch?

  10. Ruben de León

    Self healing polymer, self repairing concrete. I only heard resistance if futile. Yeah, Star Trek broke my mind… ???

  11. Cassio Alvarenga



    Be careful “abc .” better immediately use your microscope to search who fire that .

  13. Shokhi Masuma

    Well done NASA.i hope one day i am joined all NASAs scientisr and NASAs familys members.

  14. とるこじんのとるこ

    earth is flat!!!1!11!!11!!1!!1!!1

  15. Mohammad Shojaee

    I love space and space science , astronauts and everything related to cosmos and space .
    Good luck scientists and also thank you NASA for exploring the space and sharing it you taught me a lot ?

  16. FE: Marcel H.E.S.S

    NASA bitches?

  17. Yop K

    If this rocket is not reusable I really don’t get it