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Oregon Moment of Zen: Deschutes River, Central Oregon

Oregon Moment of Zen: Sit back, relax and pretend you’re paddling down the Lower Deschutes River.

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6 Thoughts to “Oregon Moment of Zen: Deschutes River, Central Oregon”

  1. Trent gay

    The rouge river is nicer but that’s an ok looking float

  2. J Red

    I really wish you could fly fish from a boat on The D.

    1. Cathy Harris

      J Red wow that’s too bad. It does look like that would be great fun.

  3. Cat The Market Gal

    Absolutely stunning! If not for this video I would not know this place existed! Thank you from Ontario Canada ?

  4. Native Paranormal Seekers Tonya Whitefawn

    From Deschutes River! Love me some Oregon!!

  5. tazzman bees

    Where can I get one of your ukuleles please let me know thank you