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RoadTripOK: Ep. 7 – Welcome to Green Country | Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department | TravelOK

Just 35 minutes from Tulsa, you’ll find some of Oklahoma Green Country’s best kept secrets. Sequoyah State Park and Paradise Marina have activities for the whole family. Discover history in Urban Station and enjoy a slice of pizza you won’t soon forget. #RoadTripOK https://RoadTripOK.com

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26 Thoughts to “RoadTripOK: Ep. 7 – Welcome to Green Country | Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department | TravelOK”

  1. m. Stimson

    What’s next Robbers Cave?(in case you done ✔that already).☺

  2. Owens Reptile Catch and release

    I love living in Oklahoma been here since I was born

  3. nikki fire fly

    I’d like to see coweta Oklahoma u will love Roy’s chicken and the town history u can see a mission bell museum .just come check it out

  4. SunsyloFitness

    Man I live in Springdale Arkansas I’m so close but never been there good video ✌?

  5. Ken Burnett

    Enjoy you’re videos showing off Oklahoma. We can all learn of something new to see and enjoy.

  6. MrCnote1993

    The gathering place

  7. COnnor McGregor

    I live in duncan

  8. Van Helsing

    Oklahomans need to spend more time on our rivers! I’ve spent all summer kayaking and camping on The Cimarron, The North Canadian and the Deep Fork, Never not once did I see a single soul.Not that I’m complaining but it’s disheartening to know that these incredible rivers aren’t being utilized.

  9. Big Shrimp

    I’m from wagoner, they should have done a bit here it’s pretty cool here

  10. The ATC king

    I am not even 5 min away from Sequoyah I go there all the time

  11. Brian Layne

    Hey I’m in the area where this video was shot if u guys want to find out some really really cool things about Oklahoma let me know and I would love to help u guys in ur vids let me know and we can make some great historical vids

  12. TheChampRekts

    I’m excited for tenkiller and to see if you go through talequah and then at a later date, Sulphur/Davis. Those two places are incredible!

  13. Brittnxy._.

    Oklahoma gang wya ? I’m from tulsaaaa yassss

  14. Miss Fries

    I wanna see Jenks Oklahoma <3

  15. Jonathan M

    I’d like to see an episode on Sapulpa! It has historic ties with Route 66.

  16. Zman2015 the Gamer

    You should come to Ardmore

  17. TheWhite LBJ

    Literally talked to that lady in the beginning two weeks ago

  18. Jennie Jam

    I’m from Oklahoma you should come over to Duncan there are 2 places I love to eat and probably anybody would #1 Tastee burgers #2 Jitters coffee house and sweets and then there is this one place it’s called the Chisholm Trail museum and it’s really cool

    1. Grifster X

      I live in Waurika. Love Tastees. Need to try Jitters.

  19. James Carter

    Live less than 5 minutes from Sequoyah State Park. There is no better place on earth than right here.

  20. Snakebit19

    I live in Oklahoma

  21. Tatumn R

    you should come to Eufaula I’m OK

  22. Grifster X

    Nice work on the video. What camera is that your holding a c200? I will definitely check out some of these places.

  23. Grande Papa

    I’ve been to almost all of these locations