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Temescal Canyon Trail: A Short Hike with Great Views in Los Angeles

The Temescal Canyon Loop Trail is a great hike in the Los Angeles area that is only 3 miles round trip and leads to an awesome view of the Southern California coastline. It is a popular trail with a $10 parking fee but it is a lot of fun and a trail I have done many times and always enjoy it. It is especially great if you are staying in the Malibu/Santa Monica area and want a nice morning hike.

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26 Thoughts to “Temescal Canyon Trail: A Short Hike with Great Views in Los Angeles”

  1. Heidi Coz

    I hike here every day.. and it has so many trail to muholland and topanga canyon. And if u do the loop is nice.. though i love to hike here everyday i work 1 block away from here…

    1. California Through My Lens

      So awesome, I wish I lived closer and could hike the area more often!

    2. Ryan H. Turner

      You are sooooooooo lucky Heidi. I’ve been there once, and that WHOLE area is some place I want to go explore.

  2. KM Merry

    Thanks for sharing our beautiful So.Cal. I applaud your efforts of sharing to those of us whose legs won’t let us go there anymore. Lovely.

    1. California Through My Lens

      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you enjoy the videos!

  3. RUready2rock

    Cool. Thanks for that. I’ve never hiked that trail. Is there any street parking? Or must you always pay the $10 to park? Maybe you guys should ask your viewers a question and have them leave the answers in the comments. Then you would have more comments, they say the youtube algorythym likes that.?

    1. California Through My Lens

      I think there may be street parking but I am not 100%. Good idea about the questions as well, I have done that in the past but I should do it again!

  4. Paul Wögerer

    On your channel I always find reasons to visit California again and again. Seriously you should get funding by the tourism department of the state of California.

    1. California Through My Lens

      haha I wouldn’t be able to handle that

  5. Halo Halo Hikers

    Thanks for the great info as usual! Love your hiking guides.

  6. Killerkenny42

    You could parked at the high school near there, the school is called Palisades charter high school

    1. California Through My Lens

      Good to know, thanks for the update

    2. ITGuyUSARoadtrip

      thanks for the information

  7. Tony Stark

    Thank you sir i am India nice and hard work ??

  8. Oliver JH

    10 bucks is a small price to pay for that view plus the effort to get up there , I bet most people in LA even know it exits , great video ?

  9. Wandering Asian

    Great views of LA. Going there is on my bucket list. Loved the hike.

  10. Mr. Elastomeric1


  11. Moe Putterman

    Beautiful! I love these hiking videos! (recommendation: road trip to telescope peak)

  12. Tony Dunne

    You should’ve added Skull Rock. Plus you can park on Temescal or Sunset

  13. criostoirocuinn

    So-Cal parking fee’s are a joke, can’t do anything anymore without paying heavily for it…..shame

  14. ITGuyUSARoadtrip

    thanks for your video with the Canyon and the kind parking information.. enjoyed your videos..

  15. Oli Sch

    Josh another great video I don’t know where you find all these trails out but it was fun to go with you thanks for sharing

  16. Travel Small Live Big

    Fabulous views! We used to hike someplace West of there – it too had great views! Counterclockwise makes sense on this one.

  17. Rigoberto Ayala Coronado

    Hey Josh, thanks for the video, I was wondering how long does it usually takes to do the 3 mile round trip, I know that this vary but I just wanna know your estimate with a moderate pace and of course taking the reasonable time to enjoy the view, thank you in advanced.