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Visiting the Getty Villa & Getty Center in One Day

The Getty and Getty Villa are two of the best places to visit on a trip to Los Angeles. These museums are full of amazing art and sculptures, while the museum structures themselves and the gardens are works of art as well. I always enjoy visiting the museums when I have the chance and I recommend you check them both out as well. This video just provides a short introduction based on a recent video but it barely scratches the surface of what there is to see at the two museums. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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28 Thoughts to “Visiting the Getty Villa & Getty Center in One Day”

  1. Darlena Phan

    Man, it’s been too long since I’ve gone to the Getty properties

  2. m4al

    Thank you Josh, another great video as usual, in my opinion Getty center is the best museum I have ever been to, maybe because I go there so much : )

  3. Violet BF

    Of course L.A. traffic is awesome!!! ?
    I used to take my son to the Getty Center when he was little, and we used to love spending time there. It’s time to go back, it’s more beautiful than I remember!
    Thanks for another great video Josh, and for all the good tips you share ????

  4. Keith Johnson

    Haven”t to the hilltop museum in awhile, its easy getting there but a hassle driving back to Hollywood via streets. I always visit the photo gallery which is at the end of the fountain when looking out the main entry building. And it is possible to make arrangements to view the photo study area too. Used to take groups of photo students.

  5. kenny cadarett

    I was there when I was 16 there was paintings at that time that was like 30 years ago

  6. Ana Mejia

    Thanks a lot it is a great place to visit

  7. SpicerDavid

    This was very well captured. I was there a few months ago and I have to say it’s about as beautiful as you made it look.

  8. kelly Johnson

    For me, having traveled to Pompeii in Italy, the garden and architectural tours are the most important fascinating part of the villa. It explains why it was built the way it was and what the significance of the replica sculptures in the garden. In Naples I saw the originals they were copied after. Seeing them at the Getty snd not in a museum is so much more impactful. I love Getty center, probably the best museum of art ever. The fact that both are free is astonishing. Thanks for posting

  9. Noé Sandoval

    Hey Josh, super cool video. I actually work at the museum! Wish I knew you were gonna swing by so I could have given you a tour and showed you some cool stuff!

  10. Travel Small Live Big

    Love the style and architecture of The Villa, but wow, we had no idea how extensive and incredible the Getty was – I always just pictured a building with paintings (spent time in European museums)…. The added gardens and nice architecture really make it a destination!

  11. xdialga361445x

    My high school had a field trip for the ceramic class i did have that class i did well. they took a trip to the getty villa in malibu it was ok i found the artifacts interesting also they took a trip to lacma in la
    This was in 2012

  12. Oli Sch

    Josh it’s funny that you brought this up because I’ve been thinking about going there myself never seen a place I’m sure my girlfriend would be interested as well thank you This was a great video

  13. Live Free

    on all of youtube, this is the best Getty Museum video tour, and the length of the video is just right. Well done!

  14. Darvin Aguilar

    Great video man! Keep it up!

  15. Paul Tucker

    This is a superb place to visit and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves when we went about 15 years ago!

  16. Amalia

    Wow! You’ve must have gone super early. You didn’t get any huge crowds. Perfect photos ops!

  17. Rachel

    I’ve been to both but I’d say The Getty Center is my favorite museum in California…while you’re at it, you might as well visit the Huntington Gardens & Library

  18. Italionmex2015

    Another one knocked outa the park. Nicely done josh!!!

  19. Manfred Rahm

    We where this summer there, and is was amazing!

  20. Maria Quinones

    ???Love love everything !!!
    you inspire my family to go out and explore California Thank you ??

  21. Skylaber

    Lived in LA for 10 years and haven’t checked out both Getty yet, sad..

  22. Sandor Kocsor

    You have finally shared your handsome face with the world! 😉

  23. Pin Peat

    wow crystal clear!! what camera are you using ?

  24. Will Sawtell

    The Getty’s should be arrested and held accountable for crimes against humanity

  25. William Yih

    Gonna check this out soon!! Woo!

  26. CoinOpTV

    Nice job – both Getty museums are nice // btw I dig your hat bro – can I buy it online?